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Revolutionary Pretty Boy Takuto

October 3, 2010

Looks like we’re getting two remakes of Revolutionary Girl Utena this year. First was the Scott Pilgrim movie, and now we’re getting Star Driver.

Dude arrives at a weird school. Dude stumbles across a weird secret organization within said school. Said organization is all about exploiting “maidens” and using their powers to carry out some vague, most likely Machiavellian secret plot. Said “maidens” also act as the means to unlock super powers, in this case robots. Main dude is revealed to be a part of said game, except he got his powers through means other than the people already a part of the secret school cult. Dude battles it out with who seems to be the lowest ranking member of the group, defeats him, and in the process wins the “hand” of the “maiden” in question. Previews hint that said cult now wants to duke it out with this mysterious new dude who is foiling their plans to, most likely, revolutionize the world and crack its shell.

Star Driver is totally a remake of Revolutionary Girl Utena, except instead of aping off of magical girl tropes (Although those are still there, what with the “transformation” sequence.), they’re rifting off of mecha series. Instead of rings, people have Eyes Wide Shut sex masks. Instead of swords, people have Big O styled mecha. Instead of a chick, it’s a dude.

Awesome. Very Awesome. And Fabulous, to use the Star Driver vernacular.

This totally has the potential to be the ridiculous, campy anime I talked about a few months ago. I really hope that’s the case.

At the same time this has the potential to be yet another post-Eva mishap like Brain Powerd, Rahxephon, and pretty much every single other “mecha anime with a weird pseudo-metaphysical plot” that got shoved onto the public. Fortunately it doesn’t look like it’s taking itself as seriously as those other series did, so I don’t think it’ll slip into that territory.

Also: The only lame thing about this episode was the shitty autotune singing. Really? You couldn’t get someone that could actually, you know, sing to do the vocals? Or was this a deliberate choice, in which case makes it all the more shitty. But that’s my only real complaint. Autotune, vocaloids, and all that shit needs to die a fiery death.

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