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12 Fumiakis

September 20, 2010

Did they really think that stopping the end of the world would stop the end of the world?

Let’s jump right into the wild, insane, inane conspiracy theories.

Occult Academy is all about sleight of hand. It’s trying to make you think one thing, but all along the truth was right in front of you. It’s just like Japanese Velma’s little afterlife bit. She played a game of Flatliners, went into the afterlife, hung out with Yog Sothoth, and supposedly came back without part of her soul. We went through two episodes of antics only to have everything resolved by Fumiaki telling her that her “soul” was on top of her head all along.

Pod Girl is the series’ biggest con job.

Anyone with a lick of common sense knew something was up with her. I figured she was some big baddie, but I was willing to buy into the idea that there wasn’t that much going on with her. Turns out that I was more right than I initially suspected. Pod Girl’s turns out to be the big baddie and leads a huge final showdown that seemingly saves the day, destroys the Nostradamus Key, and resolves everything we expected.

Except when we go back to the future, nothing’s right. The world’s still gone to shit, aliens still invaded. We still lost.

Yeah. Pod Girl may have wanted to open a gate to hell, release all sorts of shit into the world, and all that stuff. But her scheme wasn’t what causes the end of the world. Her gate to hell wasn’t the one that would lead to the apocalypse that we see in Fumiaki’s future. She had bad shit brewing, but it wasn’t the bad shit.

Ever see 12 Monkeys? In that movie, Bruce Willis was sent back in time to stop a virus that wipes out most of humanity. What few clues that are left of the events leading up to the release of said virus say that the “12 Monkeys” pulled off something big on the proverbial D-Day. The catch to the movie is that the 12 Monkeys had nothing to do with the virus. On the day that the virus hit, this group released a bunch of animals from the zoo and painted graffiti to mark their territory. It was merely coincidence that their animal rights protest took place on the day that some nutcase hopped on a plane to intentionally spread his bioterrorism goodness worldwide.

The entire movie was spent on a chase for a villain that was non-existent. You could call it a big con job on the audience– a big Vegas-styled magic trick to distract you from the real threat at hand. That’s what I think is up with Occult Academy.

Pod Girl was a big nasty villain. She was the Nostradamus Key. All of the clues given to the people in the future pointed towards this Key being the thing that led to the end of the world, and if she pulled off her trick bad shit was liable to have gone down.

But at the same time, purely by brilliant coincidence, aliens invaded the Earth. Super-ultra-extra-double apocalypse.

Occult Academy’s already rifted off of Ghostbusters, Terminator, Flatliners, and a hell of a lot of other movies. May as well steal from Terry Gilliam as well. Maybe we’ll see some time traveling midgets and shit in the finale. All of this would totally play into everything that the series has done so far. Think the series is going in one direction when it was totally running in the other direction all along.

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  1. Taka permalink
    September 20, 2010 9:43 PM

    So yeah, maybe the giant light that shot into the sky keyed the aliens in to Earth’s presence. Hence invasion.

    Or maybe it will be the super ret-con and time isn’t plastic. The future doesn’t change for the people already in the future and the last episode is just a fluffy Bunmei/Maya rabu rabu time.

    • Landon permalink
      September 20, 2010 10:37 PM

      “Creating divergent universes because that’s how time/space is supposed to work” is way too plausible to happen in this series. If it makes sense, I don’t think it interests Occult Academy.


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