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Eternal Tripod of the Afterlife Mind

August 9, 2010

Fumiaki really needs to hook up with Saki from Genshiken. Neither one of them seems to be able to tell pleasure from pain anymore.

Pod Girl looks like Fumiaki’s mom, right? And that’s part of the reason why she’s his “type,” right? We assumed that said attraction was due to his mom being the ideal motherly type, being kind and all that jazz, since that’s all we’d seen up to this point. Turns out that’s not the case. In the end, Fumiaki’s mom was your classic Hollywood parent trying to live vicariously through her “genius” child and beating him and putting him down to ensure that he maintained her glamorous lifestyle. She’s also a bitch.

So what’s that say about his attraction to Pod Girl? Is he digging on her because she reminds him of his mom’s “nice” side, or is he digging on her because he secretly wishes for her to put on some latex and hit him with a cellphone in a dark motel room for two hours? Maybe it’s both. Or maybe I’m just bullshitting around. But it does raise some questions as to what’s up with Pod Girl and her relationship with Fumiaki. She looks like his mom for some reason. Not just for a convenient “I wanna fuck my mom and am attracted to anything resembling her” sort of way. There has to be more to this, and I can’t help but think it has something to do with the fact that his mom wasn’t the kind, gentle, caring person we were led to believe she was initially. You don’t just make a character look like someone. There has to be some other correlation between the characters.

That means she’s the very Evil Pod Girl I believed her to be, making her connection to his mother quite direct: Both play upon his affections for them and both take advantage of him when he’s weak. Whatever forces that created Pod Girl are banking on these subconscience feelings and are exploiting them for all they’re worth. Fumiaki’s fallen for this act once in his life, and he’s shown that he’ll fall for it again and again and again because it’s all he knows. That’s one take.

Or maybe she’s the complete opposite. Maybe my hunches are totally off and she’s a benevolent power. She’s still “designed” to play off of Fumiaki’s complex feelings for his mother, but she’ll act as something of a catharsis for that relationship– she’ll be the person he always wanted his mother to be while appearing to be his mom. Or it’s all a ruse to get close to him, but said forces want to get close to him to help him and saw no better way to do so by playing up to his biases.

Then again, Occult Academy has shown a fondness for the anticlimactic. All of this could be resolved just as easily as Japanese Velma’s “missing heart.” Pod Girl could just be Coincidentally Looks Like Your Mom Girl Because That’s Just How Shit Goes Down Girl. We find out in the end that she’s just a bakery chick, and we all find out we had our proverbial glasses on top of our heads all along.

In all honesty, any of these things work for me. Occult Academy’s shown that it can pull all of this shit off hilariously.

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