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Self-Indulgence Omake: I am a Spy!

August 6, 2010

I was out playing pool last night. My team was winning. It was my turn. I looked at the table and saw I didn’t really have a good shot. I looked at the 2 ball and saw I could shoot it in easily (My team was obviously stripes.). I shoot the 2 ball into the corner pocket, look at my team, and say “I WAS ON THEIR TEAM THE WHOLE TIME!” since I’d been thinking about the above Azumanga strip the whole time I was scheming my move.

They didn’t get the joke, and I think one teammate was rather pissed I did it. Dorks.

I also had a moment similar to Fumiaki from Occult Academy’s doomed “friendship” with Pod Girl Porsche Bread Girl. I’m convinced said waitress remembers me every time I come in there, knows exactly what I order every time, and is friendly with me because she wants to implant eggs in my brain. It’s the only logical conclusion.

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  1. August 6, 2010 4:43 PM

    I say go for the waitress. She might have your dream car. Even if she does look like your mum

  2. mefloraine permalink
    August 6, 2010 7:04 PM

    Hahaha, sadly things from anime/manga don’t translate so real into real life.

    • vucubcaquix permalink
      August 7, 2010 2:14 AM

      But how can waking up your sleeping English teacher with a knife and a vacant smile NOT translate well into life?

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