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Japanese Pyramids

July 27, 2010


Much ado about Japanese pyramids in the latest episode of Occult Academy, and with that the series is back to flirting with legitimate speculative theories.

Emphasis on flirting. A quick google search shows that the specific one mentioned in the series is fictional,but I’m relatively familiar with a different Japanese pyramid theory. Some people claim that there are underwater pyramids off the southern tip of the Ryukyu islands. It isn’t a theory that holds much merit with most archaeologists,since the step formations that have been found can be explained away with geological processes, but there’s a definite push amongst certain groups to claim that these pyramids are legit, and if they are legit they’d be amongst some of the oldest human-made structures on Earth (Especially considering they’d be old enough to be underwater now with rising water levels over the millennia.).

The pyramid thing is pretty relevant to Occult Academy when you bring the whole “aliens helped humans all across the globe build pyramids during ancient history, thus explaining why the pyramid structure is a global concept” bit, which ties into the whole “Tengu are alien astronauts” bit introduced last episode. Tengu build pyramids as a way to control humanity with their imposed religions, attempting to cull humanity and make them weak when the day comes for them to invade. Or something like that. That’s assuming that the Tengu are something other than the mothmen, despite Maya’s proclamation that they’ve solved that little myth.

Throw in stuff about the World Tree and Mothman, other legit occult/mythological shit, and Occult Academy’s finally hitting on the stuff I’ve been wanting it to do from the get-g0. By all means make up shit to tie all this stuff together, but I want my “real world” theories thrown in at the same time.

As for the Fumiaki, I actually dig that he’s something of a spineless dweeb. He’s like Shingen from Durarara! He talks tough. He makes himself seem far more badass than he really is. He has confidence, most of which is unfounded. But when you get down to it, he runs and cowers and begs for his life, all the while thinking about how to make himself look better in the end. That bit where he finally meets up with Pod Person Girl That Looks Like His Mom and he plays it up to where he was the one to take down the mothman hive and blow the shit out of the mountain was pretty damn awesome. He isn’t your typical pathetic anime main dude that can’t take care of himself, knows it, and makes no attempt to make himself appear to be more of a man than he really is. Nope, Fumiaki does everything in his power to up the way he appears to others. He may be a brazen coward, but that doesn’t matter if you can make others believe otherwise. Couple him with a team of badasses (Even Fat Marilyn Manson is turning out to be a badass.), and you get a team of characters just as awesome as Durarara!’s, except they’re actually doing shit.

And yeah, JK’s almost as awesome as Smile and Maya. Wasn’t expecting that. Glad to see he can do more than point metal dowsing rods around and get punched by Smile.

Also: Totally hoping they play up the fact that Japanese Velma was cocooned/egged/whateverd in this episode. Looks like they’re running experiments and stuff on her in the next episode, so hopefully that’ll be the case. The mothmen obviously do an Aliens bit on certain victims, using them to give birth to new mothmen. Maybe Japanese Velma had one of them implanted inside of her and they’ll try to find a way to get it out of her before it goes chestbuster on her. Or maybe she’s become some sort of Mothman/Velma hybrid, like Ripley from the fourth Aliens movie. Maybe she’ll have a mothman sex scene like Ripley did in that movie. That’d be hawt.

So I gotta reiterate the obvious: Occult Academy is fucking awesome. Easily the best series of the season. Might be the best series of the year if it keeps this up. Might even break into my top whatever list (Which I plan to update/expand pretty soon.) when all is said and done. Anyone that isn’t watching this series or thinks it sucks is probably a mothman. Or a tengu. Or a pod person disguised as their mom and carrying out weird Oedipal fantasies under their covers at night. Dude, seriously, stop that right now. It’s gross. Freak.

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  1. July 27, 2010 10:10 PM

    I just had a thought. What if that person wasn’t just a person that looked like his mom, but his actual mom, and he becomes his own father?

  2. July 27, 2010 11:27 PM

    Quick notes:

    1) I will read this post in a bit, but first:
    2) Bunmei needs to never grow a spine, it would be laaaaaaaaaame if he were to get a heroic moment toward the end of the series, HOWEVER:
    3) If it turned out that Chupabacra (sports car girl) really DID love him, that would be awesome, PROVIDED:
    4) SHE is the KEY and he has to kill her to save the future.

  3. A guy from /m/ permalink
    July 28, 2010 7:59 AM

    The best part about Occult Academy is how they’re making fun of Bunmei’s cowardice instead of writing him as a wish-fulfilling douchebag with an entire harem kissing his feet.

    The cave scene where Bunmei is running for his life in contrast with the poem was hilarious.

  4. Universal Bunny permalink
    July 28, 2010 3:16 PM

    Please note that the “Too-good-to-be-true-girl” is not only not the Mothman, but also has some connections in the city or maybe she talked to cab driver just for show.

  5. vucubcaquix permalink
    July 28, 2010 11:14 PM

    This came from a certain anonymous imageboard, and I thought you’d like it:

    Plus, these were from an OH EXPLOITABLE that I put together, and people started making them up:

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