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July 18, 2010

So. Cat Shit One.

Where are the cats? Do I need to sue or something? False advertising and all that.

I was pumped for this series. Almost as much as I was for Nyarlko. Cute, fuzzy things unloading lead into the bellies of other cute, fuzzy things taps into some of the deepest parts of my fanboy psyche much in the same way that moeifying Cthulhu Mythos stuff “gets” me.

The cute made violent = Landon.

So call me a little underwhelmed. The thing was cool and all, and I’m excited to see the next episode whenever it gets released, but the whole thing just wasn’t action movie-ish enough for me to really click.

The problem isn’t the action. The action scenes are well within the post-Saving Private Ryan standards for wartime action shit. The stakes feel high, even if we know that these two merc bunnies aren’t going to get it in the end, since the way the action plays out is of the faux-gritty style. Guys go down with a single hit, bullets are flying everywhere, and getting wounded seems like a genuine handicap. The choreography isn’t great, but considering this is a relatively low-budgeted CG animated series that airs online, it’s pretty impressive given the circumstances.

The problem is the leads themselves. They don’t feel like action heroes of any sort. Packy wasn’t too bad, since he has an old mentor vibe to him, but he didn’t feel like a war movie old guy. He came off like your typical old grizzled anime mentor type.

Botasky is the real “offender.” War movies and the like tend to have the “rookie” type that needs to be whipped into shape and shown the horrors of war before he can fulfil his potential. Bota does just this, but he’s considerably more whiney and annoying than your typical newbie. It’s like he’s your typical spineless anime lead type. Well, maybe not that bad, but the way he squealed that everything was futile just because his position was flushed out after he killed half of the stereotypical camel Middle Eastern terrorists was pretty damn annoying. It’s one thing to be freaked out that you’re under fire and it’s another to all but give up the instant things go slightly bad for you. The rookie in a war movie does the former, the spineless anime lead character does the latter.

What it comes down to is that the series needs more characters. You need that banter between characters, rivalries and friendships and whatnot, to really get the feel of a war movie. The action and how it plays out is just part of the equation if you’re aiming for that vibe, so I hope we see more mercenary animals thrown into the mix. I don’t think Packy and Botasky can carry this series with their limited range of banter potential.

Also: There needs to be more blood. The “fluff” explosions that erupt when anyone gets killed makes it seem like everyone’s a stuffed animal. Shoot them and their stuffing spews out. That’d be cool if they actually were stuffed animals, but since they’re supposed to be anthropomorphized things, blood would be far more preferable. We don’t need fountains of Mortal Kombat style shit spewing forth, but give a guy some gore, please.

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  1. July 18, 2010 10:28 PM

    I also find it unusual that those two knocked out dozens of enemy soldiers by themselves, because I’m pretty sure that real soldiers don’t get that many kills in.

  2. July 18, 2010 11:15 PM

    I’m fine with Botasky, he’s less newbie to me and more “That guy who gets killed unless he’s played by Rob Schneider, in which case you wish he’d fucking die already” to me.

    There’s a character named Rat Trap from a Transformers TV series that I personally detest, but he fits the Botasky type to a tee. He’s a fairly competent guy, but still highly cowardly and terminal in his declarations. His catchphrase being “we’re all gonna die!”.

    So yeah, due to a show I hate, I ended up loving Cat Shit One. Packy was kinda cheesy, but my tolerance for Bota was upped due to exposure to an even worse character. In the end, I didn’t mind him, and enjoyed the show as an 80’s style action movie.

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