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Durarara! is my Anti-Baccano! (And That Ain’t a Good Thing)

June 27, 2010

It pains me to say this, since there’s so much about Durarara! that I enjoyed to some extent:

In the end, Durarara! just isn’t all that great of a series.

Much has been said about the similarities and differences between Baccano! and Durarara! It makes sense, what with both being written by the same author. The only way in which the two series come close to being similar is the characters. Both series utilize over-the-top, larger-than-life characters to draw in readers/viewers. Baccano! is all about immortal mafistos and serial killers and goofball criminal “masterminds” while Durarara! has trickster gods, Herculean bartenders, and headless grim reapers. At the same time you have “normals” thrown into the mix, and a good deal of whatever conflict arises comes from the clashing of the normal with the surreal and supernatural.

The similarities between the series ends there, though. In fact, the two series are all but polar opposites of one another in every other feasible facet. And this includes the over quality of the series in question.

Baccano! was a fast-paced, action-packed pulp adventure. While there were multiple storylines running parallel to one another, for the most part we were focused upon two central conflicts: The Flying Pussyfoot massacre and gang warfare on the streets of New York. Despite the chronological discord, chaotic events, and ridiculously sized cast, Baccano! was pretty damn focused and deliberate in its actions. There was an end point towards which it was working, and all of the events worked their way towards resolving this ending. Stuff went down on the Pussyfoot and was resolved. Gangs fought in New York and a clear outcome came about.

Essentially, stuff happened, stuff was resolved, and any dangling plotlines were of the “TO BE CONTINUED but you don’t really NEED to see their outcome” variety. We didn’t need to see the three OAV episodes that resolved Chane and Claire’s relationship, since nothing vital was hinging on that resolution. It was just a little extra tidbit of development that made things all the more interesting.

None of that can be said of Durarara! Where Baccano! was fast-paced and worked its way towards a definite ending, Durarara! moves at a more leisurely pace and meanders around the plot. This in and of itself isn’t a bad thing, it’s just different. The catch is that in the end Durarara! didn’t pull this off very well.

The problem is that there’s absolutely no conflict in Durarara! Yeah, you heard me right. There was absolutely no tension and no sense of struggle at any point in the series. The series worked its way towards various “climaxes,” going at its own pace, but once it reached these moments absolutely nothing happened. Mikado is forced to call upon the Dollars when he’s about to be kidnapped by evil pharmaceutical henchmen. People’s phones ring… and he’s safe. That’s it. A few phone ringing resolves what little danger Mikado was in at that moment. And this was supposed to be the big midway point climax.

I could buy into that if the rest of the series made up for that anti-climatic moment. I figured that the first half was meant to be build-up. Things were going on to establish characters, establish the stakes, and lead us into a second half that would get down and dirty with Izaya’s grand scheme.

Nope. Instead we got another 12 or so episodes of establishing boundaries. We got more characters, we got into the heads of the high school kids, and we found out that no one is really “normal” in this town.

And then the series ended.

I didn’t expect Izaya’s scheme to blossom completely by the end of the series, but I expected something to happen. Maybe he comes close but the characters band together to halt his progress. Something like that. Instead we got a few gang members beating up some people, we get Kida getting hit in the face with a crowbar, and then we get some more gang member beating each other up.

Everything was working towards a big throw down between Mikado’s Dollars, Kida’s Yellow Scarves, and Anri’s Sword Zombies. Two rival gangs at each other’s throats with a third “secret” gang within the ranks of both groups waiting to strike unseen. We got none of that. We got a brawl at the end of the series that none of the main characters participated in. Mikado and Shizuo and Celty and everyone else was just standing on the sidelines barely doing anything while the closest the series had come to genuine conflict took place. All Shizuo did was throw a road sign at that pathetic “villain” who led the Yellow Scarves for all of ten seconds while everyone else did absolutely nothing.

Why are we following these characters, and why should we care about them, when they barely have anything to do with anything that’s taking place. For leaders of gangs, Mikado, Kida, and Anri have little to do with their action. They just stand around not telling each other their secrets, and when the do find out the truth one of them runs away and we don’t really get anything out of the revelation. Why are we introduced to Izaya’s scheme if nothing is going to come of it in the end? Why do we have all of this stuff about Celty’s head and Shinra and Shingen hiding it from her and the pharmaceutical company if the only thing that’s going to come out of it is some sicko couple who have nothing to do with anything else after their little lover’s tiff is over? Why do we have Shizuo and Simon floating around when the only reason why they’re even involved in what little story is taking place is due largely to proximity and not any sort of relevance to the ongoing story?

Why is it that you can have 24 episodes of an anime series where things seem to happen, but in the end nothing really happened? How can 24 episodes be a whole lot of nothing? Sure, we got a bunch of cool characters with cool backstories, but nothing came of these characters that were so carefully constructed. In the end, Durarara! ended up being nothing more than a prolonged introduction to a cast of characters that may, at some point in the future, do something genuinely interesting. Plotlines were alluded to, but nothing came of it. Things were teased about, but nothing got resolved. You can have thousands of awesome characters running around, but if those awesome characters are given nothing to do you still have a lame series in the end.

Durarara! was one giant 24 episode cocktease with no feeling of satisfaction at the end (Other than seeing Simon finally do something by punching Izaya in the final moments, but that was too little too late.). Baccano! was a 16 episode orgy with one climax after another, leading to a thoroughly satisfactory ending leaving me wanting for more.

Durarara! is truly the Anti-Baccano! in every way imaginable.

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  1. June 27, 2010 5:46 PM

    I could see the point of Mikado’s Dollars scene in the middle of the series as a way to show just how massive and all-pervading the Dollars are in Ikebukuro. It was, funnily enough, the closest thing this show had to a Baccano-level climax (and that says a lot). I still haven’t seen the last episode yet (although, reading this, it seems nothing of huge significance, which doesn’t hugely surprise me), but yeah, I can’t disagree with any of this.

    There seemed to be a theme in the first half of the series about messed up relationships, which was explored through Mika and Seiji as well as Shinra and Celty (a relationship that, at time, I was really uncomfortable with), and yet nothing really came of that either on the second half. Shinra, in particular, suffered essentially no consequences for the way he constantly lied to Celty. I found it funny that Celty almost told Anri that Shinra was trust-worthy, which kinda suggests that Celty, until she takes a moment to reconsider, thinks that he is. For a supernatural being who’s been around for hundreds of years, she’s pretty naive and, dare I say it, co-dependent. It doesn’t say much about her strength of character.

  2. June 27, 2010 6:32 PM

    Gotcha. I won’t watch Durarara! until Durarara!! comes out.

  3. June 27, 2010 7:41 PM

    You’re right. This was pretty bad. I hope something actually happens in season 2.

  4. June 27, 2010 9:55 PM


  5. June 27, 2010 11:43 PM

    Basically. I have no problem with a slow pace as long as other aspects step up, and with Durarara!! all the elements come agonizingly close to raising the whole, and they just come up short. The last storyline where I felt really into what was happening was the short Haruna Niekawa vs. Anri arc. Everything else after . . . I could write stuff about it, but I didn’t truly CARE about it, you know? Baccano! made me care; Durarara!! made me care less as it went along, although the first half is good enough for me to still feel positive about the entire experience.

  6. June 28, 2010 12:16 AM

    Durarara!! really has divided quite a lot of people on its ending and so far I haven’t seen the same reason twice.

    I can’t say I agree with any of what you put but that’s mostly because I didn’t like Baccano! because it didn’t give a chance for the characters to breathe. It was all stuff happening right now look things exploding climax release guns train! But mostly the characters weren’t worth expanding upon, Durarara!! has a strong story and blindingly good characters but without the chutzpah.

    The series isn’t without its problems, you pick up on some of the story threads that go nowhere and so forth but while it was on, it told an original story that kept me engaged, I really can’t fault it for that. So as far as agreeing goes, I certainly don’t, but understanding your issues, I do.

  7. Roger permalink
    June 28, 2010 3:38 AM

    “Much has been said about the similarities and differences between Baccano! and Durarara! It makes sense, what with both being written by the same author”

    The hell it does, it makes no sense how it’s held against Durarara!! that it’s not a Baccano! clone in every way, so what if it is written by the same author. Guees what: IT’S STILL A DIFFERENT STORY! If the author wanted to write Baccano again, he would’ve just done just that.

  8. Etree (Inverlock) permalink
    April 11, 2011 7:17 PM

    who ever wrote this, missed out on a lot of important thing while watching durarara. all the scenes in durarara that you mistook as the “climax” of the series, were not meant to be that way at all. even if baccano and durarara are by the same people, you cant not forget that it is a completely different story set in a realistic environment. if you listen to what mikado says instead of obsessing over how much worse it is, you hear him refer to Celty and her heads new body as things that “should not exist”. showing that this series acknowledges the flaws and fiction of the unrealistic settings in the realistic environment. something that baccano never does. back to my original point, durarara’s seemingly climactic points were meant to show a bigger meaning in character and story development, as well as showing morals and meanings of characters actions. the dollars meeting was a basic show of the power that people have when united. showing that if you lack the strength fight back with numbers. (ugg im getting tired) also when kida went to face the blue squares it was a showing of an individuals strength. matched with the morals of the former, the durarara series was meant to be less of an action packed series and more of a deeply meaningful one. while baccano was meant to be less intensely meaningful and more fun. so you can not exactly put them beside each other and expect straightforward similarities and differences. these too different animes, even though they were made by the same people, were meant to be to completely different types of stories. with different character and story development methods. so you can really say one is worse or better. in the end it merely relies on you own personal opinion and taste in anime.

  9. Etree (Inverlock) permalink
    April 11, 2011 7:20 PM

    what you said about celty is true but in her mind she only has 20 years of experience to live of of. so its only natural that she would be that way.

  10. Emily permalink
    February 26, 2012 10:56 PM

    You do know about the volumes of Durarara, right? Because in the volumes, there is less explainations about the character introductions and backstories and more about the action and realistic situations going on. I think the volumes are still being made to this day. Why don’t you look into it, instead of watching crappy animes with barely any plot structures in them. Jeez, people like you complain way too much about the smallest things. Just enjoy both Baccano! and/or Durarara! or GTFO!

    • Landon permalink
      February 27, 2012 1:23 AM

      So you call the Durarara anime crappy (when you said “instead of watching crappy animes”) then complain when I say the anime is crappy? Aren’t we saying the same thing? I’m not sure why my opinion offends you, especially since you’re doing just as much complaining as I am.

      And this being my blog, shouldn’t I be telling you to get the fuck out? I think that’s how it works.

      • Jae permalink
        March 31, 2012 3:22 AM

        What she meant to say was: the anime had the unfortunate experience of being a series made out of a few of a series of light novels that is not yet finished, which is why the anime feels incomplete. The “climaxes” actually correspond to the endings of the novels (only the first 3 out of 10 so far). Unfortunately, since the series as of yet has no ending, and not all of the novels exploring other parts of the character’s backgrounds were adapted, this led to a series with a lot of loose ends. Unless Emily speaks Japanese, however, it’s highly unlikely that she’s read them herself to say whether they work out or not. Although I didn’t miss the action, the ending also felt flat to me, but that’s to be expected when it’s made from only the first part of a much longer story. I do hope this gets a second season or OVA, as the later stories focusing on Shinra, Celty, Izaya, and some new characters are more interesting to me. The entire thing so far plays out like a fun experiment on the human condition. It’s driven by character development (and plot), not action.
        I also disagree about the mid-point climax. It was an epiphany for the main character, who discovered that everyone around him was a part of his organization without him knowing it, and that his words could move the world around him. His dream of breaking out of his mundane life and being a part of something bigger had come true, and it was bigger than he had ever imagined. I was a little surprised that you didn’t get/like this point since you usually appreciate subtleties. Perhaps you were a little biased by Baccano? The anime doesn’t give the full picture, but I think this series is even better than his first (he also throws some Baccano characters in later, btw).

  11. Lorraine permalink
    April 7, 2012 6:45 PM

    Just shut up, pal

    • Landon permalink
      April 7, 2012 6:50 PM

      I stopped talking almost two years ago. Little slow on the draw there.

  12. eugolxoV permalink
    July 12, 2012 9:16 AM

    I realize this thread is old. I actually enjoyed Both Baccano and Durarara. I’ve seen a lot of crap lately and these two anime series were enjoyable. I actually felt Baccano and Durarara ended similarly (As in Baccano People are Immortal and they’ll continue to live on like the rat who is squished at the end, and then reforms in the street). I liked Durarara and how each episode has a narrator from the series, and I actually did find the ending fun because I never find the ending of any anime to be an enjoyable experience. When I like a series I wish it would never end, but I guess because it’s got a “Rise and Set” is why I like it in the first place. For me, this time… it was the Journey not the destination (Not always the case, attempted a lot).

  13. Softan permalink
    March 8, 2013 2:15 AM

    I feel like I could have written that .. (review?) about baccano and durarara. People told me I’d love durarara because I loved baccano and they told me the shows are really similar. Anime recommendation sites recommend durara for those that like baccano and so on. Then while watching durarara I was thinking after every single episode that something that actually matters must happen soon and then it just ended. It felt completely empty. It was a horrible experience.

    It might have been the worst anime advice I’ve ever been given. I’m not saying it’s the worst anime I’ve seen it’s just the furthest from what I asked for. As you said, it’s the anti-baccano. I’m surprised not more people that really likes baccano also really dislikes durarara.

  14. August 11, 2014 11:56 PM

    I am a HUGE fan of both and I still liked your review. I have seen Baccano! twice and DRRR!! 6 times lol XD

    I really enjoyed Durarara!! and have shown it to about 7 people who agree, and 4 of these people aren’t anime fans. You make excellent points and I didn’t find Durarara!!’s beginning boring as the light novel and manga start from a really interesting place i.e. the Seiji-Mika stalker scene where Seiji ‘kill’ her but we don’t see what he was looking at.

    In the end there was no conclusion and nothing changed but I enjoyed following these characters as I said cuz the anime waters down how messed up Erica and Walker are.

    But the light novels get so intense! And knowing DUrarara light novel material Claire Stanfield is a combination of Shizuo, Izaya and Mikado.

    God complex – Izaya

    Super human-ness – Shizuo

    Selfishness, twisted-ness, – Mikado

    Also, in the novels Ikebukuro is heavily mentioned as a brain, a person and apersonality. It emphasizes that it hides a lot of things.

    Durarara!! is dark and disturbing things and people all intertwining slowly with not much progression in story, until later.

    Baccano! has more charisma. Durarara!! had more wtf…?

    Anyway I’m looking forward to season 2!!

    • August 12, 2014 8:42 AM

      Coolness, glad you dig the shows.

    • haydee permalink
      November 3, 2015 9:06 PM

      I just started durarara!! I was running out of things to watch on Netflix. Happily surprised with it so far. Please let me know of other animes worthwhile…I don’t know much just own mostly studio ghibli animes and ninja scroll. I liked watching dragon Ball z when it first came out. I really want to continue to explore the anime world. Please help.


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