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Landon Posted a Blog, But Only Okojo and Chorori Knew About It

June 15, 2010

Have y’all heard about Shiawase Apartment’s Okojo-san?

Y’all haven’t? Makes sense, since I don’t think I’ve seen a single blog post in the history of blogging about this anime. I downloaded a few episodes of it back when it popped up on Animesuki. Had no idea what it was other than the fact that it was the first episode of something I’d never heard of. Considering my anime tastes seem to run counter to that of the majority, and considering that I’d never heard an anime fan speak of this series, I figured it must be one of the awesomest series of all time.

It may not be the best series ever of all time of the decade, but it’s sure as hell the best thing I’ve watched this year. It’d easily top my list this year if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s, like, from 2001.

The gist of the series: A badass Japanese ferret (called an okojo, hence the title) uses his manly prowess to break out of a pet store with a female alligator in tow. Okojo eventually finds himself a human to become his servant and he lives out his days eating fried chicken and bossing around a hamster with an Osakan accent named Chorori. He recounts stories of his days when he was a gang leader in the forest, riding on bears and terrorizing woodland creatures. He has rivalries with other animals in the apartment complex, runs afoul of nasty humans who wish to turn him into their slave, and generally gets into sit-com antics that always end in an epic battle of wits, survival, and machismo.

It’s like if you took Hamtaro, infused it with a shounen fighting anime spirit, and made the main animal into a former yakuza boss.

It’s pretty fucking awesome, especially considering it’s basically a cute animal show for kids. Save for one little kid who’s only fault is “being a whiny kid,” all of the human characters are messed up in the head somehow. The main dude who “owns” Okojo is as silent as an 8 bit era RPG hero, making gestures and grunts to communicate his feelings. The owner of Chorori is a stressed-out manga artist who abuses the hamster whenever she misses a deadline, only to turn right back around and lure him back n with sesame seeds like an abusive boyfriend luring back his “prize” with jewelery. His neighbors are a brother and sister who take the “genki” stereotype and turn it into something almost as chaotic and murderous as Ms. Discordia herself, Kafuka from Zetsubou Sensei. There’s twin loli neighbors who all of the moe fans will likely drool over until they realize they’re about as “cute” as the twins from The Shining. The veterinarian who looks after Okojo every now and then has some beastiality-like feelings for the poor ferret.

This is a show about fucked up people being one-uped by animals that are clearly superior to them in every Social Darwinian way possible. One could call it a bitter satire on society, where the dregs of society who struggle to make a name for themselves and have to resort to being “animals” to get by are the only ones with their heads straight on their shoulders, while the vicious elite look down upon them, feeding them table scraps in an attempt to appease them lest they rise up and vanquish the ruling class. And all the while the proletariat fumes with impotent rage, awaiting the moment to bear its claws and scratch up the face of oppression.

This is real heady stuff, like Arakawa minus the sap and leeches. Both are decrying a failed system in need of change, and the only people capable of bringing about that change are freaks and beasts.

The revolution is nigh, my downtrodden brethren! Soon we will vanquish the bourgeoisie, after which we’ll feast upon fried chicken and cookie! We will find Paradise!

Isn’t it strange?

Isn’t it strange?

Isn’t it strange?

Isn’t it strange?

Isn’t it strange?

It’s motherfucking strange, that shit.

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  1. September 9, 2013 12:48 PM

    Okojo is an ermine not a ferret

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