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June 3, 2010

Tomorrow is my yearly otaku pilgrimage to A-Kon. I book it out of this place first thing in the morning. First flight out. Then it’s three days of doing all that silly anime fanboy shit. Whoo!

This’ll be my ninth A-Kon. I’ve been doing to this damn convention since… 2002? Damn. Even scarier when I realize that I’d been an anime fan for quite some time before I started going to conventions.

I really dig A-Kon because it’s something of an all-purpose con. It’s primarily an anime convention, but they have all sorts of gaming and other geeky things going on. It’s cool to be able to go to the dealer room and pick up a board game or an RPG book at the same time as checking out all the gashapon and stuff. I’m hoping that the same designer toy dealer that’s been there the past few cons is there this year. I’m sure they’ll have whatever new Tokidoki vinyl figure is out. I need something new to go along with my Mozzarella and Bulletto.

A-Kon’s been good to me. I can’t think of a single year where I regretted going. I’ve been to a few local cons where I didn’t even make it through half a day before I decided to take off (Ikkicon, San Japan, and… some con in Houston. They sucked, although I’m willing to give San Japan one more go since it’s in my home town.), so I gotta give props to A-Kon for keeping me entertained for this damn long.

I have at least one post scheduled to go up while I’m off at the con. Hopefully I’ll get some more stuff written before I pass out tonight so there won’t be much of a lull between posts. That anime blogohedron competition thing comes back around Saturday I believe, so like vote for me and stuff. I’m pitted against a site filled with dark magic and witchcraft. Major Arcana or something like that. I bet they want to steal your souls and stuff and use them as card sleeves so their Tarot decks don’t get all bent up from shuffling. So, yeah, vote for me instead of them. I won’t use your soul as a card sleeve.

I won’t guarantee against me doing other nasty things, but I won’t do that.

Also, I have every intention of trying to twitter some A-Kon stuff while I’m there. I won’t have my laptop, but I’ll have my blackberry handy and I have that stupid twitter application I never use. So, yeah, shit might get posted to my twitter thing for a change, so look out for that.

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  1. June 8, 2010 11:48 AM

    Chad, we eschew the term geek and prefer the term nerd.

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