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Contractor Dystopia

June 2, 2010

As I watched Hei in the two seasons of Darker than Black, I always assumed that he was the contractor breaking from the evolutionary chain and creating a new breed of whatever-you-want-to-call-it. Other contractors lost most of their emotions in the “changeover” and became logic-fueled Vulcans with mutant powers.

Hei was different. He had the same deductive reasoning wired into his brain, but he was able to temper it with a healthy degree of human emotion. He was the Spock of the contractors, able to bring the best of both worlds to the equation and create something special and, hopefully, enduring.

I also assumed that dolls like Yin were a completely different branch. Dolls and contractors share similar abilities, but I always figured that dolls were the ones that somehow didn’t “click” completely, thus resulting in a person who is devoid of emotions and free will/ego. With this “defect” in the contractor DNA or whatever, a completely new “species” was born.

Thing is, the newest OAV episode kinda throws most of that out the window.

We gotta trust a talking dog on this, but said dog claims that dolls are the intended result of whatever went down with the opening of the Gate and that contractors are the failures of the bunch. All of this is apparently due to this doll stage being the stepping stone to the “awakening” that Yin is undergoing, and that this is the end result desired.

This knowledge casts a hell of a lot of stuff in a new light. The idea that these people are called “contractors” implied that there was some sort of deal being made. You might not be a willing partner in the deal, but it was implied that if you were a contractor you somehow struck up a bargain with some force beyond the Gates to gain your powers. I always took it as some sort of forced “deal with the devil,” where eldritch, Cthonian beings forced themselves upon people and granted them abilities in exchange for pieces of their psyche and abstract, absurd “offerings.”

If we buy this new theory, and contractors are simply the byproducts of an attempt to create dolls, that theory no longer makes much sense. Why would otherworldly forces choose to “bargain” with refuse? Why would they impart power upon those that failed to become that which they desired? Yeah, my theories didn’t quite pan out if all of this is true.

Are we looking at an Evangelion-like scenario where some clandestine organization was seeking to create a new evolution in mankind, and said experiments resulted in the gates opening and the creation of these “reject” contractors, all due to an attempt to create these doll-like humans that would act as a chrysalis for the next step in human existence? That’s the first place my mind wanders to as I think about the possibilities now that we’ve had some more info dumped on us.

It also brings up a lot of questions about the second season’s ending. I’m now absolutely convinced that July has become exactly what Yin was. I felt I was stretching it a little bit saying that he had become one of the evolved dolls based on one quick scene at the end of the last episode, but these revelations make be 100% convinced. Hopefully July will be some uber-badass villain in the next season of Darker than Black.

Yes, they better fucking make another season. Or else.

It also makes me wonder about the whole “creating another Earth” bit. Yin played a part in that scenario. It seems like her presence was needed to help facilitate the creation of this “double” world where everyone was able to go about all happy-happy and shit. Maybe the clone world bit was a way to focus her Izanami powers into something creative rather than something malevolent and destructive? Use her as a battery to fuel the creation of this world or something like that, thus allowing her power to be put to good use and allowing Hei to reel her back in and die peacefully? Beats me, but my blabbering makes as much sense as anything else that’s been thrown at us thus far in the series.

As for the actual episode, I was thoroughly shocked to see Amagiri still alive. Given the way this series offs people without any concern for anything, seeing someone actually live through a seemingly fatal attack was genuinely surprising. That’s how you pull off a “OMG you’re still alive?!” moment– you gotta make that survival as unlikely as possible.

I also dug how we saw contractors coming to a logical conclusion that didn’t involve murdering a lot of people. I’m down with wholesale slaughter, but it was cool to see these guys say “It makes perfect sense to come together in a community, look out for each other, and create our own society. It also makes sense to screw each other and make babies, since we need to procreate and continue our society.” It may seem like they’re acting more like humans, but it’s all the result of the rational thinking that’s inherent to contractors. And they still go out and try to kill shit when it makes sense to do so, since they tried to off Hei when told he was responsible for the death of their leader. The best of both worlds, at least until they all got killed. Sucks to be them.

Yeah. Darker than Black is awesome.

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  1. Son Gohan permalink
    June 3, 2010 2:14 AM

    Psst, “Yui” is actually called Yin.
    I think that the dog’s revelation in OVA3 contradicts what was said in season 1. I always thought that dolls were contractors who failed to pay their retribution and went into “moratorium” stage, like what happened to that girl in season 1 who could create fires.
    Dolls shouldn’t have any power besides the ability to create an observational ghost. Yin is special since she is Izanami. Her special power is the ability to take control of a contractor’s power and use it against him. I hope OVA4 will clarify more things but I am skeptical since it seems that the creators like to keep the viewers in the dark. They never explained the origin of the Gates and left us with a disappointing ending in both seasons IMHO.

  2. Taka permalink
    June 6, 2010 2:50 AM

    The Izanami/Izanagi thing always confused me. They left the whole “who is really izanagi” up in the air until the very end of the season. I always assumed it was Hei. The great awakening or whatever would be their child. A child of a contractor and a doll. As for the whole “dolls are failed contractors” I don’t really believe it. For one, I’m wondering what power the dog controller has. They say when they are dying “I can no longer stay in this body”. Doesn’t necessarily mean they are outright dying. The person in the dog may be someone we met in S2 or someone we will meet. I don’t wholly trust her word. Also Hei is special because he’s not really a contractor. He took on his sisters powers when they…fusion danced or w/e they did. That’s also why he doesn’t have a remuneration.

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