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SD Demon Summoning Power Hour

May 23, 2010

Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san. It’s an anime OAV about a dude that summons demons to help him solve detective cases or something like that. Not much detecting took place in this episode, so I’m not sure if that’s actually the plot or whatever. Also, it’s a comedy. A comedy about summoning demons into the real world and having them do your bidding.

It’s like someone made an anime about my teenaged years.

No, I’m not totally exaggerating when I say that.

Back in the day, when I was a stupid kid in my late teens, my friends and I did the whole occult thing. I was big into Tarot cards, but we also dabble in Ouija board shenanigans. We did all the stuff you’re not supposed to do when it comes to this sort of stuff. We intentionally looked for demons and shit when we’d get on the Ouija board. We’d taunt them. And we did all of this not because we didn’t believe in it (I’ll admit, I bought into it at the time.). We did it because we were cocky sonsabitches who liked to trifle with shit they believed was beyond their comprehension.

Thing is, one of the demons that popped up on the board a lot was named Azazel. Rather, we named it that, since we’d seen that Denzil Washington movie Fallen where the body-hopping demon was named Azazel and we thought it’d be cool if the “demon” on the board was the one from the movie. Yeah, like I said, stupid kids. The demon’d taunt us and blahblahblah. We eventually realized it was all bullshit, but it was amusing at the time.

Anyway, I found it highly amusing that this anime was about summoning a demon named Azazel into the mortal realm due to my prior experiences with this stuff. But that thought wasn’t nearly as amusing as the actual episode. It was pretty damn awesome.

Azazel-san ended up being the anime I was hoping I’d get when I first heard about Nyarlko. Nyarlko ended up being a bunch of flash animated vignettes that didn’t really tell any sort of cohesive anything. Azazel may be short (About the length of an Adult Swim show.), but it packs a lot into that episode. We get a sense of how the world works, with demons sitting about Hell chatting, not unlike the opening scenes of Death Note where Ryuk is chilling with his shinigami homies. The catch being that the humor is completely intentional.

There’s jokes about cannibalism (A cow demon is forced to eat beef curry.). Stuff eating itself is the height of comedy.

There’s also a sadistic rendition of Old MacDonald had a Farm that’ll force you to never think of the song in the same context ever again.

Oh, and all of these demons are running around super-deformed. Azazel is a fugly-looking dog-goat thing. Moloch is a cute little chibi-bull. And they still want to rape your soul.

All in all it’s a very nasty and very amusing little bit of animation.


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