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Angel Revenger

May 19, 2010

In the last episode of Angel Beats, we saw Otonashi’s sick little sister die a fairly pathetic death as he dragged her along on his back Luke-and-Yoda-style. It was some sort of misguided gesture of brotherly love, but anyone with common sense would call it damn stupid. No matter how sick and dying your little sister may be, you don’t go dragging her out in the middle of  winter away from all of the damn stuff that’s keeping her alive. Trust me, I actually have a younger sister. Brothers don’t pull this shit because they know better than to go and all but assist in their sister’s suicide. Damn, Otonashi, you suck as a brother.

Thing is, I think his sister is going to have her revenge.

Why is it that Otonashi gets to go into this funky purgatory world but not his sister? Yeah, Otonashi died before getting to fulfill his wishes and all that, but what about his sister? Did she really do everything she wanted in life when her fuckwit brother yanked her out of her comfortable room and let her die on the streets of a generic Japanese strip mall?

No. That didn’t fulfill her wishes in the least. If anything, dying in such a way likely pissed her off to no end once she woke up in this video game like purgatory, and once she put all the pieces together I bet she’s mighty pissed off at her brother for being the one that finished her off earlier than anticipated.

Otonashi’s sister wants her revenge, and she’s going to have it. Why? Because I’m thinking that the “Angel” that we saw at the end of episode seven is Otonashi’s sister.

Otonashi has made all sorts of changes in this world. With his arrival Yuri’s group has bested the original Angel and defeated her replacement. They’re bringing about genuine change in the afterlife. I already talked about how Yuri’s pretty pissed off about this herself. She’s likely thinking that she’s going to disappear if things proceed in this fashion. Somewhere along the line, there’s a good chance that she’s come across another lost soul who died before her time. A sad little girl who died in the snow whose heart now burns for vengeance. While Yuri may not have needed her assistance at the time, and likely had no need to “deal with” Otonashi, now is the time to use this ace in the hole.

Yuri has somehow fashioned Otonashi’s sister into the new Angel. She’s outfitted her with Angel’s tech and has set her up to be the group’s new nemesis. In the process Yuri will assure her continued existence while hopefully eliminating the one person who appears to have the power to “destroy” everything she’s created. I figure seeing his sister in such a state and knowing that not only did he die for nothing, even his “good” memories from when he was with his sister are nothing more than lost dreams.

Perhaps Yuri is hoping that this knowledge will trigger Otonashi’s “erasure.” You disappear from purgatory once you realize there’s nothing left for you to live for. We’ve seen it happen when someone’s dreams are fulfilled, so the reverse may be true. If one’s dreams are completely obliterated, rendering them without any desires, that may be another way to send them on their way.

I also think this has about a 0.000001% chance of being true, but it’d rock. It’d add some much-needed tension to the series.

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  1. May 20, 2010 3:30 PM

    So right at the cusp of Otonashi dealing the death blow to Tenshi, her voice calls out “Otanashi… I… am your sister!” (It’d rock, yes, but I think it’d be the most hilarious twist they could possibly pull)

  2. May 20, 2010 10:40 PM

    I give Evil Angel two episodes before she’s crying and wolfing down ice cream with Otonashi.

  3. Landon permalink
    May 22, 2010 4:09 PM

    Gah! My theory was utterly crushed in the latest episode. I’m a sad Landon.

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