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Clash of the Drrtans

May 9, 2010

Eons ago, I wrote about how Durarara! is playing like some sort of modern-day myth. Let’s revisit that nonsense.

Looking at mythology, there’s only so many character types. You can be a god, in which case you get to do whatever the hell you want to do with little to no consequences (usually). You can be a hero, in which case you go through all sorts of hardships and somehow come out on top, usually because more gods favor you to win than to lose. Dudes like Hercules, Perseus, and Odysseus fall into this category. Then you have everyone else. Whether you’re a monster that was spawned for the purposes of killing and being killed or a hapless mortal caught in the crossfire, everyone else in mythology plays the role of the victim. Medusa was a victim, since she was cursed with her horrid, stone-inducing visage. Every woman who Zeus raped and turned into an animal/inanimate object was a victim since she had little choice in her fate.

Essentially, if you aren’t a god or one of the chosen few that the gods favor, you’re royally fucked.

Assuming that my little myth theory has any sort of plausibility, I’m curious to see where the various characters fall. I think Celty is firmly entrenched in the “hapless victim” role. She’s essentially a monster, what with her being a Dulahan, and her circumstances show that she’s not exactly in the best of situations. I’ve already said a lot about her disturbing relationship with Shinra, but that isn’t the only means by which she’s a victim of fate. She’s had her head stolen by a nasty pair of trickster gods, Shingen and Izaya, and they intend to do all manners of horrible things with her head when they get the chance. At the same time, Celty is being hunted by a badass motorcycle cop who had a reputation for taking down the worst of criminal offenders. Celty’s being besieged from all sides, the attacks are taking many forms (physical and emotional), and there’s little sign that she’s going to pull through. She may be a powerful force of nature, but she’s being set up as the focal point of almost every single terrible thing transpiring in the series. She’s liable to go down as your classic tragic hero who is crushed not by their own failings, but by the whims of the gods.

Likewise, I’m seeing Shizuo being set up to be the hero figure of the series. He’s the one person that Izaya seems to fear, since Shizuo is the one person that he really can’t control by any means. They’re mortal enemies much in the same way that Poseidon was with Odysseus. Shizuo does everything in his power to screw over Izaya’s plans, and despite Izaya’s ample power there’s little he can do about it. Everything that Izaya throws at Shizuo fails to even make a scratch, and now Shizuo has been shown to have conquered his own hubris since he’s come to grips with his fear of harming others with his overwhelming strength. All the momentum is in Shizuo’s favor, and he looks to be the one to topple the gods (Izaya and company) from their lofty perch.

What’s less obvious is the role that Anri and her two guy buddies will play. With the latest episode we’ve learned that all three of them are in control of massive “armies” and that said groups are poised to go to war with one another due to Izaya’s manipulations. This is looking to be a battle of Iliad proportions, and the question remains as to who will play the role of Troy and who will play the role of the united Grecian army. Nothing good can come about when friends are pitted against one another, especially when love is at the center of the conflict. While Izaya may start the “war” by means of the Dollars, Yellows, and Saigas clashing on the mean streets of Ikebukuro, it’ll likely boil down to Mikado and Kida clashing over Anri, with Anri stuck in the middle. Someone’s dynasty is bound to topple. My money is on Kida being that dynasty, with the end results being a falling out between Anri and Mikado.

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  1. May 9, 2010 3:05 PM

    I’d definitely kick Durarara!! out of my favourite list if Kida honestly likes Anri the way Mikado does -_-
    Shinra probably wouldn’t be so useless that he can’t do anything to help Celty, though whether his action helps her or hurts her is another thing.

  2. May 9, 2010 3:15 PM

    I think the hero/wildcard to disrupt Izaya’s plans is either Shizuo or Celty. You’ve obviously sided with Shizuo being the hero. I personally think it fits DRRR better for Celty to disrupt the plans. It goes with the theme of humanising the monster that durarara has had going since episode 2. Izaya is treating her like the mythical figure that she is to get this Vallhala thing he’s looking for by making her freak out and lose faith in humans. It would be fit the series well for it to backlash on Izaya if Celty was too human to go back to being a full monster again.

    On the other hand, Shizuo being the hero sounds far cooler so I hope you’re right and I’m wrong

  3. Landon permalink
    May 9, 2010 9:01 PM

    I’m seeing Celty as the “eye in the storm.” If we stick with the whole myth thing, she’s Helen of Troy or the Cyclops that Odysseus killed. Without her presence, a lot of what’s happening wouldn’t happen. There’d be no means for Izaya to trigger his Valkyrie scheme. She wouldn’t be in Mikado’s chat room aiding in the creation of the Dollars. She’s the catalyst for a lot of stuff, and I think she’s going to “get it” somehow because of that. You don’t get off easy when everyone has their eye on you like that.

  4. May 10, 2010 1:34 AM

    Or Kida and Mikado will team up against Anri, and be gay buttbuddies 4LYFE.

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