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Badass Mo-Fo Moe Beach Party A-Go-Go

May 3, 2010

I finally joined the Wiivolution this weekend and bought myself a Wii. And anyone that knows me should know that I’d gravitate towards one particular game:

No More Heroes.

I didn’t see a copy of the original game at Toys’R’Us (Got my Wii there since they had a deal where you got a $50 gift card with it.), so I went with the sequel, Desperate Struggle. I fell in love instantaneously.

I could go on and on about how awesome the game is (I’m not all that far into it, but I’m already enraptured), but I’ll do that once I finish the game. What I want to talk about is the main dude in the game: Travis Touchdown.

The dude’s a badass. An unconventional one at that, but a badass none the less. I love his Buddy Holly meets The Clash rockabilly punk look. I love his wannabe light saber. He tosses around a few good action movie one-liners. He’s one of the few video game main characters in recent years that has appealed to be in the least bit. In a sea of cold, calculating, “perfect” military killing machines and Scarface-idolizing criminal types, he really stands out.

He’s also a goddamn moe-loving otaku. And despite my biases, I love that character quirk.

Here’s a dude that goes around fighting assassins to the death with a Jedi sidearm. He’s a killing machine. He gets chicks (even if he’s a little awkward about it.). He’s a badass. And throughout all of this he’s a fan of a Touhou-like moe shooting game and goes around wearing a t-shirt depicting said property while doing his glorious slaughtering.

I’d like to call Travis Touchdown the Martin Luther King of the pro/anti-moe conflict. He bridges the gap. He’s a moe-loving fanboy, but he’s fully capable of the bloodshed those who oppose that style adore. He’s the Gandhi figure that can show the world that moe-lovers and moe-haters can live in peace and harmony.

I also got to thinking about if there’s other badass motherfuckers who delve into the realm of cute-as-substance. Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh came to mind. She’s an athletic type who is stoic as all gets out. She’s the cool, confident beauty archetype that appeals to many an action fanboy, but she also fawns over cute stuff and cries at animal movies. There’s something about her to appeal to both sides of the argument.

I’d also toss out Roberta from Black Lagoon. She’s a former Columbian revolutionary who takes after Robert Patrick from Terminator 2, but she insists on dressing like a maid and takes on the moe-ific personality traits that fans of that sort of thing love to see.

But Travis Touchdown is different. While Sakaki and Roberta represent characters from within both genres, Travis represents the sort of fan who can exist within both sides of the debate. He can sit back and watch scantily clad little girls fly around and shoot stuff while still being fully confident in his mass murdering skills when battling ranked assassins.

Travis Touchdown is the symbol of the future of anime fandom– the fan that bridges the gap and brings otaku into a unified nation.

And I’m sure there’s other anime characters that straddle this line. Would be cool to see who else comes to mind.

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  1. mefloraine permalink
    May 3, 2010 6:25 PM

    Ghandi = Non-violent protest. Martin Luther King = Follower of Ghandi’s methods. Travis = Hack the heads off of anyone who comes by. Issues in comparison? :P

    On the other hand, I do love Travis’s crazy ability to get up and go without any real reason. (That lady was not motivation enough to risk his life against assassins.)

    Your comparisons bring Nobue from Ichigo Mashimaro to mind…she’s, well, Nobue! But she’s still willing to get a job at a diner that requires her to wear an adorable and short skirt.

  2. Landon permalink
    May 3, 2010 6:32 PM

    Details, details. We can’t let little details like “decapitation” get in the way of the core idea at play: unification of opposing philosophies. Heehee

    But yeah, if Nobue is the character I’m thinking of (Been ages since I’ve seen any of Ichigo, and it was only a handful of episodes.), then she fits the bill the same way Sakaki does.

  3. May 3, 2010 6:47 PM

    I’ve been falling out of the video game scene lately, but No More Heroes kicks ass. Wasn’t too fond of the city exploration part of the game (because the minigames are kinda dull), but the actual assassination missions and the crazy story are awesome. Loved them. I still need to beat the game on the highest difficulty . . . there’s this one katana-wielding boss who slices the hell out of me without fail. Argh.

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