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Cammy Killed Cable in Marvel VS Capcom

April 21, 2010

One of my favorite video game “memories” happened when I was playing Marvel vs Capcom 2 in the arcade a good ten years ago or so. The machine was kind of busy, with about five guys taking turns playing. One dude was dominating the machine at the time. He was using the usual twinked-out characters like Cable and Akuma. The very characters I can’t stand.

I plunk in my 50 cents. I pick my crew:

Tron Bonne, Cammy, BB Hood

The dude laughs to himself. He thinks he has a scrub on his hands that he’ll waste easily with his by-the-books crew.

I’ll admit, I’m not the greatest MvC player in the world. It isn’t my favorite game, so I never played it as religiously as I did the various “proper” Street Fighters or Samurai Showdown 2 and 4, but I’m a decent player. And half of my “skill” comes from being pretty decent with the characters no one ever uses.

I don’t remember the exact details of the fight, but it largely consisted of me wasting his beam/fireball dorks with Cammy. using her speed and full screen dashes to stay on top of him and denying him his keep away game. The game wasn’t even close.

What was awesome about this particular game is that he stormed out of the arcade, all pissed and stuff. He didn’t yell at me or anything, but the dude was mad. It was like I just kicked him in the balls and called him a bitch or something. The guy’s pride was genuinely hurt because he lost to some dude who used a “lower tier” character. I just rolled my eyes and went back to gaming.

I always get a warm fuzzy feeling thinking about that fight.

I was reminded of that story when I heard about Marvel vs Capcom 3’s unveiling this week. I’m not as excited about this as I am Super Street Fighter 4’s upcoming release, but I’m still pretty damn excited about finally getting a new MvC game after a decade of waiting.

People like to flash around what characters they’d like to see in these sorts of games. Those lists usually look the same. “I want to see Deadpool!” or “I want to see Hagar!” or something along those lines. While there’s plenty of “mainstream” peeps I’d like to see added to each roster (Where the hell is Arthur from Ghosts and Goblins? And we desperately need some Spidey villains like Green Goblin or Doc Ock.), I’m going to devote my fan dreaming to two characters that I know don’t have a chance of making it into the game.

On the Capcom side, I’d love to see someone from Tech Romancer make it into the game. We already have Jin from Cybots or whatever that game is called, so there’s no reason why we can’t see another “giant robot helps a puny human fight” character. And the character I want to see from Tech Romancer is Pollin and her scrapyard mecha Bolon.

Yeah, she’s a generic Pretty Sasami-like magical girl, but her mecha rocks. It’s an amalgam of various pieces of junk. There’s a house that acts as the “cockpit,” and it has crane arms and wrecking balls for arms. The mecha has a cool look that distinguishes itself from most other giant robots, so it’d stand out amongst the crowd in MvC. I also liked that, despite being a girl character, Bolon was the second slowest character in the game. Even now, most female fighting game characters tend to be speedy types. I’d like to see more slow, bruiser types when it comes to chick characters in these games.

As for my Marvel pick, he’s even more obscure and more unlikely than Bolon. Terror, from the Terror Inc series. He’s an assassin/hit man/mercenary/”I like to kill stuff” sort of character born out of the 90s anti-hero fad.

Despite being a product of the comic book dark ages, he has a pretty awesome gimmick: his power is to take dismembered body parts, attach them to his body, and gain their “knowledge” and “power.” So if he rips out your eyes after he’s offed you, he can see stuff you’ve seen. The catch is that he has to replace his own body parts to do so, so he’s essentially a living corpse that’s constantly replacing his body parts. The only constant is his ghoulish head.

He’d make for an awesome Rogue-like character that steals others’ powers, except instead of kissing them to gain a power he’d maul them and blood would splatter across the screen as he rips off a body part.

But yeah, he’s been in a total of maybe 20 comic issues over the course of his existence, so there’s no way he’d make it.

Then again, fucking Marrow made it into MvC2. No one gave a damn about her back when the game first came out, and more so today, so anything’s possible.

I’d also blow up the universe if it meant Kitty Pride and Lockheed were in the game. That would rock so much stuff.

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  1. April 21, 2010 10:15 PM

    Personally, I’d like Howard the Duck to make an appearance.

  2. Landon permalink
    April 22, 2010 7:26 AM

    Yeah. The Marvel side could use a few fun characters like Howard the Duck. Like Spider Ham or Rocket Raccoon.


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