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April 17, 2010

New Angel Beats episode. New proof that they’re inside of a video game.

Round 3! FIGHT!

Last episode, we got Yuri’s backstory. Blahblahblah my family was killed. This episode, we got the backstory of the lead singer of Girls Dead Monster (AKA GirlDeMo, but seriously, the full name is so much cooler.). She came from an abusive family. Escaped into music to get away from said family. Has a stroke caused by getting hit during one of her family’s fights. Is left in a state where she lost her voice.

The catch is that the way her story ends is awfully vague. She said her life ended like that, but the way things are presented it comes off more like “my life as it used to be ended” rather than “I’m maggot food now.” I don’t think she’s actually DEAD. She’s just stuck in a state where she’ll never be able to sing again. In real life, that is.

The girl isn’t dead. She’s still alive in the real world, rendered mute because of her stroke. She can no longer escape into her music like she did before her stroke, but she can escape into the new MMO Angel Beats. Inside said game she starts a band. She joins Yuri’s little “guild.” There you have it.

Same with Yuri. We get this story where her family was offed by robbers, but she ends the story before her “death.” She outright avoids the issue of her death. Like the band leader, Yuri is probably escaping into the MMO to cope with her real life problems (And that’s assuming her backstory is legit.).

That’s what I’m seeing so far in Angel Beats. Yuri’s little group is a “guild” inside of some sort of MMO, and the guildies are united by their rough lives. They’ve met in-game and realized they have stuff in common, so they formed a guild so they could hang out. Sounds like a pretty plausible explanation for all the shit that’s going on.

And TK is totally the token foreign player who can barely play the game. He’s like that American kid who downloads the Korean version of the latest MMO so he can play it a few months before the US/International server goes online so he can brag to all of his friends on Facebook how he leveled his dude before they could even make characters. He’s totally the sort of character such a kid would make.

And further proof that Angel is a PC, and one that’s most likely of opposing “allegiance” to Yuri’s guild/faction: Angel’s weaponry is created by the same means as Yuri and company’s guns and ammo. They basically craft them in the same manner, with the difference being that Yuri’s group essentially learned Engineering while Angel learned Blacksmithing. Or Enchanting. Or whatever. Different skills but use the same materials.

Disappearing = logging out of the game for good. Because, you know, some people get tired of playing MMOs and go do other stuff. Like blog.

All of this is why I’m digging Angel Beats. It’s vague enough that we don’t know what the fuck is going on, but it delivers enough details to dick around with theories and assumptions and all that nonsense that some of us love to screw around with. I can understand it turning off people who prefer their entertainment to be concrete and defined, but I’m not those people. If anything, I’m the exact opposite of said people. I love playing these games. I love open endings. I love End of Evangelion. I love 2001. I love having to piece everything together and form my own meaning. It’s why I love Darker than Black, and it’s why I’m digging Angel Beats so far.

Wild Prediction Of The Week: I heard somewhere that the creator of Angel Beats, the dude that made Air and all that crap, said that this series will become more like his other series halfway through. Based on this, I’m going to predict that the world of Angel Beats will be revealed as a video game at the midway point, and after that it’ll shift to the real world where we see the characters cope with their real life problems that are mirrored within the game. Set up the issues in-game, resolve them out-of-game.

Makes sense to me, but I could be totally wrong.

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  1. Son Gohan permalink
    April 17, 2010 3:50 AM

    The MMO theory has one fault: why would Iwasawa disconnect from the game and return to her sad life confined to an hospital’s bed and unable to even speak?
    I am more inclined to believe that this is a Purgatory where people advance to Heaven when they sort out their lingering regrets. Iwasawa really wanted to sing her ballad to the whole school. Since her desire was granted, she moved on.

    • April 17, 2010 10:12 PM

      I just figured that she’s finally got he Guitarist Singer Achievement. With that, she’s decided to quit and start over with a new class.

      Or, you know, get a JOB. Paralysis is no excuse for being a NEET.

  2. April 17, 2010 6:21 AM

    I hope your wild prediction of the week isn’t true. Or if it is, have it happen second to last episode. A shock change in atmosphere would be a cool twist then but not halfway through.

    As for the entire theory, it’s believable up to the log off part. There has to be a certain things fulfilled before they dissapear from the game. They have to win/lose before they drop out, not just drop out because of real life issues. On that note, I wonder if the vocalist girl ‘won’ when she left the game. She didn’t get beaten by Angel, so what did happen?

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