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Self-Indulgence Omake: 10(a)K(on) Hit Combo

April 6, 2010

You’re supposed to brag about how you hit certain site hit marks, right? It’s some sort of Cult of the Blog rule or something, where if you don’t do it the Grand Anime Poobah comes to your house while you’re sleeping and guts out your heart and feeds it to the Great and Terrible Moeblob of Fomalhaut or something like that.

Yeah, that’d be unpleasant.

(Also, yeah, that picture has nothing to do with this post. It just rocks.)

Sometime while I slept rather pleasantly last night, Mecha Guignol hit 10,000 hits. Kinda pathetic, since it took me since October to do so. I bet that’s some sort of anime blog record for “Longest Time It Took You To Hit 10K Hits.” It probably doesn’t help that I don’t really care about pimping the joint out. I must be a bad blogger for letting my little piece of meat roam free without any guidance or whoring.

I’m honestly surprised that I got this far with this thing. I’m notoriously fickle and easily distracted by shit. My whims can lead me off in a completely different direction with nary a thought, but I’m still doing this. Most of my writing projects last a few weeks at most before my interests wander off somewhere younger, prettier, and with a fatter wallet. So I’m genuinely happy I made it to 10K hits.

And while I’m at it, I’ll be at A-Kon this year (Making it the 9th time I’ve been to the con, since I’ve been going since A-Kon 13 and this year is A-Kon 21.). Got some friends that I’m dragging I’ve invited to come along with me, one of whom has never been to a con and the other whom hasn’t been to a big con before. If any of my miniscule-in-number but fiendish-and-backstabbing net stalkers will be there, let me know so I can pretend not to see you and hide in the corner cowering at your presence. Or maybe the opposite. We’ll see.

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