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That Is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie, And With Strange Aeons Even Moe May Die

April 5, 2010

Haiyore! Nyarlko-San finally got subbed.

This was the anime that I was waiting for this year. Everyone else was all “OMG! ANGEL BEATS HARUHI COSPLAYER!” or “BLACK ROCK SHOOTER AUTOTUNE CRAP YAY!” or whatever, but I was all “HELLS YEAH! CTHULHU MYTHOS IN DRAG! IA IA FHTHAWT!”

Suffice it to say that I was a teensy bit disappointed.

It isn’t because Nyarlko sucks or anything like that. It’s because I was expecting a little more than a glorified promotional video for the light novel series.

The gags are cute. Nyarlko says something that’s a little off-kilter. The main dude/cultist argues with her then stabs her with a fork. Blood gushes. It’s your typical four panel gag comic stuff, but the Lovecraft references, nastiness, and violence make it pretty enjoyable.

The dude that made the comic/novel/whatever is obviously a fan of the Mythos due to the RPG. There’s plenty of “lose SAN (sanity points)” gags mixed in, and unless the dude is a rabid Mythos fan who has read all of the spin-offs written post-Lovecraft, it’s the best explanation as to why he’d mix in the non-Lovecraftian creation Cthugha with Nyarlothotep. So I dug it for the same reasons why I dug Dance in the Vampire Bund: it’s speaking to my table-top RPG geek heart.

And speaking of Cthugha, aka Cthuko, I dug how they portrayed her as a cold, distant, aloof type rather than a fiery, spunky, wild type you’d expect from a Great Old One based around fire. She is the moefication of an alien entity that comes from the far-flung reaches of space, and Cthugha rarely has contact with humanity, so it makes perfect sense for her to be as spacy and cool as she is. It also makes perfect sense for a “sociable” Elder God like Nyarlko to be relatively “human-like” in her attitudes, since Nyarlothotep is probably the one GOO that has the most contact with humanity. It makes sense for her to pick up personality quirks along the way with all of her various “Masks” and such.

Yeah, the creator knows his Mythos. I love it.

In the end, though, there isn’t much here. The OAV consisted of a handful of short 4-koma-like skits, with one slightly extended one that ends the piece. With this being an OAV, I was hoping for a 30-ish minute bit that had some semblance of a story that’d give me a feel for what the novel is like. I wanna see what they’re talking about when they mention “Space Kindergarten” and the “Planetary Protection Corporation” and other bits that they reference off-hand. There’s obviously a lot more going on in the novel (They call Nodens, one of the few “good” god-like beings in the Mythos, EVIL. I wanna know what’s up with that.), and now I’m left curious about a novel series that’ll likely never get translated because fans who can translate this stuff suck and spend their time translating Bakemonogatari or A Certain Somethingtific Bazooka or whatever.

Also: Cthuko X Nyarlko. Awesome.

Also Also: It’s refreshing to see the dude be the violent one in the relationship. He goes around stabbing Nyarlko with a fork. A lot. You normally expect that from the chicks in anime, making all of the otaku go around tossing about names like “yandere” and other silly shit. Having the dude be the violent one is downright progressive in comparison.

Also Also Also: Maybe the creator is a genuine hardcore Mythos fan and not just an RPG fan. They throw out August Derleth every time they throw out Lovecraft himself. I never liked Derleth’s stuff as much as Lovecraft’s, but that’s still pretty awesome to see him get the same level of props. Most fans always refer to Lovecraft himself and never mention all of the other authors that continued the Mythos while and after Lovecraft was alive. Very cool.

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  1. Theodore Sallis permalink
    April 6, 2010 2:03 AM

    I was amazed to see such a thing as a moe mythos was possible.
    It was awfully too short…-_-

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