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Seduction of the Week

April 3, 2010

B Gata H Kei is almost refreshing. Emphasis on that “almost.” Unlike deceptive crap like Chu-Bra and whatnot, B H doesn’t try to hide its sex-centric ideals behind some sort of plot smoke screen. B H gets right down to the dirty business: chick wants to bang 100 dudes while in high school.

It’s the sort of sex comedy crap you’d expect from a direct-to-DVD American Pie sequel. It’s blatantly honest with its intentions and finds no shame in being a sex-crazed delinquent. I almost have to respect B H for that.

Again, big emphasis on that “almost.”

The problem is that said centennial gang-bang is a smoke screen for something far more typical and, surprisingly, innocent. The chick claims that she wants to get it on 100 times, but all of her actions show that she’s just your typically naive teenager that has no idea what sex is about. She’s awkward when it comes to dudes. She doesn’t know how to show interest without being a violent, bumbling idiot.

Essentially, despite all of her talk, she’s not interested in fucking a benjamin. That’s kind of disappointing.

What’s the point of having such a scenario if you’re not going to go through with it? Why have her brag about how she wants to sleep with so many guys when it’s obvious that the series is never going to go down that route? Even the single paragraph descriptions of the series say that she end up falling for one dude. The very premise of the series is trumped in the promotional material. That’s pretty lame.

I wasn’t enthralled by the series’ premise or anything, but I’m disappointed that the series seems to be going down that route. In fact, it kind of irks me the same way characters like Vash and Kenshin irk me. In their cases, they’re super-powerful killing machines who have the ability to take down any foe with a well-placed gun shot or sword slice, yet they refuse to use their abilities to their fullest. It’s the same with the chick in B H. She has the potential to be a world-class whore, since she has the drive to screw as many guys as possible, but she inhibits herself from even getting it on with the generic dude she’s targeted in the first episode. She subconsciously does things that turn him off. She presents herself in a confrontational manner. Then, when they finally have a quiet moment together, she freaks out when the dude pops one in his pants.

The chick is a whore who has taken a code of abstinence, much like how Vash and Kenshin are murderers who have taken a vow of pacifism. These situations suck because it undermines the very defining aspect of the character.

What B H should have done was taken on a monster-of-the-week format. Each episode, the chick tackles a different dude. She has to jump through elaborate scenarios in order to bed him, much like how a giant robot has to pull off elaborate set pieces in order to take down the latest monster sent by the evil world-dominating force he’s fighting. It’d still most likely suck, but at least it’d be absurd enough to be amusing. Instead we have this limp dick anime that says one thing and does something else.

In the end, despite seeming to be honest with its sex comedy intentions, it’s pulling the same deceptive game as any other anime that’s about tits and ass. The catch is that it’s less about titillation than its peers and more about two awkward kids doing awkward stuff while they try to pull off an awkward relationship awkwardly. Why tell us she wants to screw 100 guys when you’re going to become a typical anime romance (with a few panty shots)?


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  1. April 3, 2010 11:04 AM

    Like Baka, B H is better than it has business being, but UNLIKE Baka, it doesn’t cross the line and embrace its premise. In the end, that’s what’ll keep it from greatness.

    I don’t actually care if she gets to actually fuck or not. But it’s the way she doesn’t get to do so, especially in the final scene, or heck, whenever she gets propositioned, like when those two guys hit on her at the start. The whole “scared virgin in slut’s clothing” thing undermines the character. Like you said, it’s a Vash/Kenshin thing.

    I’m fine if she doesn’t get it on due to stuff like misunderstanding and so forth. There are some bits in the ep where this worked. For instance, the generic guy not being sure what she’s like. Is she a flasher or just a jerkass? Or he thinks she’s blocking her face from his view when she just wants to show off her measurements written on the “report card”. Or heck, just him running off because he doesn’t believe she putting out for him out of nowhere.

    But the whole thing at the end where she’s afraid of cock, when earlier in the ep, she outright imagined a guy jerking off to her picture? That’s some limp dick bullshit there. I don’t mind that she doesn’t cross the line. In fact I understand that in terms of marketability, the main character needs to remain “pure”. But her random bursts of naivete simply break the suspension of disbelief. I’d rather suffer through an unbelievable string of unbelievable coincidences than this weak cop out. Heck, it’d be more believable.

  2. April 5, 2010 3:49 AM

    Actually, that’s what I like about the show (at least the first episode).

    Personally, I hate the “monster-of-the-week” format. Basically, you get a show with little depth/plot and no character development other than some mild burst of “overcoming their limits’ type crap.

    BTW, The Vash and Kenshin comparison, that has to be a unique view on this show’s main character.

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