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Self-Indulgence Omake: I My Anime Listage

March 27, 2010

More blatantly stolen fanart, this time it has nothing to do with the given post. Naughty.

I finally took the time to fill out my anime list thingie at MyAnimeList.

Didn’t even realize that I signed up for the damn place back in 2008. Knew I’d signed up for it before bothering to actually do anything with it, but didn’t realize it’d been that long. Power to the slacker and all that rot.

I’m sure I missed some stuff as I went along. I’m also sure that I’m not gonna go back and mess with it for quite some time since it took me too much damn time to fill it out this time around. I started on it last weekend, took an evening earlier this week to continue it, and didn’t finish until this evening. Kinda rough when you’re pathetically trying to recall a backlog of stuff you’ve seen since around 1994.

And despite seeing roughly 100-something days worth of anime, after looking at that list it feels oddly inadequate. “That’s all I’ve seen?” was the first thing I thought after pulling up the completed list. I’m sure it isn’t all, but at the same time I doubt the holes make for a considerable increase in my watchage.

I think part of the reason why I feel it’s a bit puny is the fact that I know that if I did a similar thing at a movie-watching website that the total would at least double my anime total. Hell, I own more live action stuff than I do anime, and that’s likely including stuff I’ve downloaded.

I’m probably more of a movie fan than I am an anime fan in terms of raw data, yet I clearly identify myself as an anime fan first. Why else would I run a blog about anime and not have a blog about live action movies?

Now that I’ve said that, I bet the otaku inquisition is waiting outside my bedroom window. I hope they crucify me.

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