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Hell Ranger!

March 22, 2010

I’m currently in Hellston (y’all should be clever enough to figure that one out), moved into my corporate apartment, and pulling obscene hours at work. I have that whole internet thing going at my place, so I’ll be able to post and shit on a regular basis once things settle down.

I’m still posting that crappy story I’ve been running for the past couple of weeks. I have it backlogged until sometime in April at the moment, so there’ll be something popping up here on a daily basis.

Quickie Anime Note:

1. Book of Bantorra might become one of my all-time favorite series.

2. Hanamaru Kindergarten still pisses me off because it’s wasting some good romantic comedy potential with all of the crappy Anzu shit.

3. Last week’s Durarara! was a little underwhelming, hence why I posted about it being in the same universe as Baccano! instead of talking about the actual episode.

4. I totally hope that Senko no Night Raid is not historically accurate. Yeah, I’m weird like that.

5. I downloaded some older anime I hadn’t seen (Kaiba and a few other things) while back home, believing I’d be able to watch it while in Hellston, and I forgot to transfer it to my laptop. Yeah, I’m stupid like that.

6. Number six was killed in a boating accident. Our condolences to its family.

7. While I’m in Hellston, there’s going to be an anime convention. Anime Matsuri I believe. Will probably hit it on that Saturday and see if it’s any good. I went to another convention here in Hellston last year and it sucked. Hopefully this one won’t suck. Haven’t had much luck with these smaller cons since the first couple of Ushicons back in the day.

8. When I grow up I wanna be Citrus Ranger!

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