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This Week is Censored in Order to Save the Kids

March 8, 2010

Peeps are all up in arms over Dance in the Vampire Bund getting “censored” for its US release.

I’m not big on actual censorship, but I’m not seeing what the fuss is here. Is this really censorship? Funimation made a business agreement with the owners of Vampire Bund and they agreed to whatever edits are being made. This isn’t some looming force coming and keeping people from seeing something, this is a business making what they believe is a sound decision when bringing a product over to the US.

Yes, edits are being made, but that isn’t censorship. This isn’t the government coming along and saying “no, you can’t say that.” This is the owners of something choosing to not release certain parts of something they own. If the owner of something says “no, I don’t want to release X,” that ain’t censorship. You don’t have to like that decision. I don’t like the decision, mainly because I think most of what goes on in Bund is fairly harmless when taken into context, but calling what’s going on “censorship” smacks more of irrational fanboy entitlement than genuine concerns for having free speech taken away.

Don’t dig it? Don’t buy the DVDs and don’t watch the official streams. Speak with your wallet. That’s why capitalism is awesome. But don’t go calling it something it isn’t. It just makes you look like an ass.

Another week, another awesome instalment of Cobra.

The two-headed, two-brained robot consisting of a bickering, abusive, married couple might be the coolest thing I’ve seen all year.

Well, maybe not as cool as JET PIRANHAS! but close enough.

I couldn’t help but think about Warhammer 40K while watching this episode. CHAOS army? Chaos Marines and Chaos Gods. Terminator-like robots with a hive mind? Necrons and Tyranids. There wasn’t enough thinly-veiled racism in the episode to really be like Warhammer, but close enough. Cobra just needed to shout some stuff about serving the God Emperor and kill some dirty greenskins or something like that.

He also needed to charge everyone far too much money for little plastic miniatures.


I have nothing bad to say about this week’s episode of Hanamaru.

Seriously, it was an amusing episode. Not super awesome or anything, just cute in most of the right ways. The bit with the manga artist felt a little self-inserty/Mary Sue-ish, but it turned out alright. Seeing the little brats see right through him and try to solve his problems was fun. And seeing the quiet girl’s wishes backfire on each other when everyone was drawing pictures of what they want to be when they grow up was pretty awesome.

Indecision is punished with emotional scarring. That’s cute.


I’m not “punishing” you like I punished you last week, Durarara! I just don’t have that much to say about you this week.

I could do without the whole “sister loves brother” bit, but I’m really digging Seiji. At first he was just some blank slate that was all ga-ga over some cute chick who just happened to have Celty’s head sticking out of her neck. But the dude fights with pens. PENS. It wasn’t just a case of “this is what I have on me, so let me use it,” the dude pulled out several of them and intentionally clicked them to expose the tip before jamming them into Shizuo’s various appendages. If we get to see Seiji fight again, I totally want to see him keep his stationary shtick. He’s what Senjougahara should have been.

I’m also digging how nonchalant he was about murdering his stalker and how obsessive he is with Celty’s head. This guy is sick in the head and comes from a family of sickos who get off on all manners of sick and twisted stuff. Someone sees you with a decapitated head in your room? Murder them? Someone goes and kills some poor girl and you don’t want him to go to jail? Cut off her head and stick another one on and bring her back to life.

What a lovely family. Will you adopt me?


Hamyuts is literally a weapon of mass destruction? Yeah, totally predictable. And totally awesome.

I’m hearing a lot of people say they’re worried that Bantorra won’t get to everything that’s in the novels with the handful of episodes left in its run. I don’t really mind if they condense stuff and leave things out so long as the final product keeps being as cool as everything that’s come before. I’ve said it many times, but I’m very much not in favor of direct translations of manga, light novels, and cave paintings when it comes to anime series. Seems like Bantorra’s been doing a pretty good job of balancing “sticking to the source” and “telling a good story in the allotted time.” I’m not the least bit worried that the ending will come off rushed or condensed or whatever.

Also, I’m totally calling a final showdown between Hamyuts and Enrique (Really people, his name is Enrique, not Enlike. Listen to what characters are saying in the series and take into account that Japanese doesn’t differentiate between “r” and “l.” And Enrique just makes a hell of a lot more sense.).


Apologies for not getting to the Infernal Affairs review. Been distracted by this and that and whatever. One of said distractions being that Best Buy had copies of Evangelion 1.11 on the shelves a few days early and I snagged myself a copy and watched it when I should have been watching Infernal Affairs.

Very Quick Review of Eva 1.11: Improves on Eva in almost every way possible, and I was already a very big Eva fan. Not sure if I prefer the less-wussy Shinji, but we’ll see once I finally get to see the next movie.

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  1. anon permalink
    March 9, 2010 4:10 PM

    Totally agree with you on Bantorra. It might have had a very slow and confusing beginning, but the last couple of episodes were intense as hell.

    It’s sad to see it being so extremely obscure.

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