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Vampire: The Masquerade: The Anime – Second Edition

March 6, 2010

It took me, like, forever to realize that Dance in the Vampire Bund was using vampire movie titles for its episode titles. It should have been totally obvious, but I think it didn’t kick in until I saw “Innocent Blood” as an episode title.

Yeah. It didn’t occur to me until the most obscure title came up. I’m not sure if that makes it more or less geeky. “From Dusk ‘til Dawn?” Nope. “Interview with a Vampire?” Nada. “Innocent fucking Blood? YES.

Think I’ll have to skew towards the more on that geeky scale.

Vampire Bund is really trying to play up the whole “Mina is really a nice person and is forced to be a controlling bitch” angle. Yeah, I’m not buying that act, Mina. You’re a vicious, manipulative, clandestine little fiend and I dig you for that. You aren’t in love with Wolfboy, you just want a pet to pull along to make you feel more “human.” We’ve seen you use mind control on people, so as far as I know you’re pulling some high-level Dominate shit on the poor dude to fool him into believing he loves you. I’m positive you’re just doing this to create some elaborate illusion to comfort yourself and trick yourself into not feeling like the bloodsucking monster of the night that you are.

And I’m not believing you when you try to be all buddy-buddy with Wolfboy’s human friend. “Friends close and enemies closer” and all that jazz. You’re playing nice with her to appease Wolfboy’s feelings for her, since you know your spell over him might be broken if you go and off his best friend. You know you can’t cross certain lines or else you’ll lose your favorite marionette.

And all of those times that you “play nice” and cure people of being vampires with magically-appearing inoculations? PR moves. You can be seen allowing rogue vampires to run amok and lapping up every random drop of blood in their path. You don’t give a fuck about helping the student council president “cure” her lust for her next door neighbor’s virgin neck. You’re just doing that to continue spreading that smokescreen that allows you to keep your pets in line. You don’t care about those “fangless” vampires. They’re just a means to show your faux gentility.

Everything you do is a calculated move. You have to behave that way when you have the dirty human masses bemoaning their situation on one side and rebellious vampires calling for you to be staked on the other. You don’t become the queen of the vampires by playing by the rules. You make the rules. You are the rules.

And this is why you’re a cool character. You aren’t some sad girl looking for help. You’re pretending to be a sad girl looking for help in order to keep your pups in line. You know the weaknesses of your followers and you know the weaknesses of your viewers in the real world. You exploit those weaknesses like the Ventrue that you are.


The last couple of episodes have provided more fodder for my Vampire: The Masquerade theory.

They’ve introduced a rival faction that wants to overthrow Mina’s regime. We know that Mina wants to cohabitate with humanity and has no desire to overtly use her influence. She’s very content to rule from the shadows and maintain the status quo.

Mina’s faction is totally paralleling The Camarilla from Masquerade. While said faction never reveals itself the way Mina does in Vampire Bund, the Camarilla is all about maintaining the “masquerade” from the game’s title. The Camarilla keeps the existence of vampires secret from the world and does its best to never do anything that would draw attention to the existence of vamps. They may hold massive financial and political power in the world, but they never come out and boast about it.

This new faction seems to toss all of that out of the window. They want to run rampant and eat people and do whatever the fuck they want. They create vampires without restriction and act like the vicious creatures one usually thinks of when their thoughts stray to the vamps.

They’re playing like a carbon copy of The Sabbat. The Sabbat doesn’t care about the “masquerade.” They don’t care all that much about making their presence known and kill and feed freely. They have their own hierarchy, so they aren’t out and out anarchists, but they have absolute disdain for the Camarilla’s power structure.

Everything that’s played out in Vampire Bund when it comes to these two factions is mirroring what takes place in Masquerade. And like I said in my previous comparison post, I’m loving it.

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