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Baka is in His Heaven, All is Wrong With the World

March 1, 2010

You’re still as meaningless as parsley, Baka to Test, but at least you’re amusing meaninglessness.

You might wallow in reference humor like Seitokai no Ichizon or Family Guy, but you have a few points in your favor that they don’t.

You ape off of anime that’s actually good, unlike Ichizon (Strike Witches and Marimite? Really, Ichizon? Making fun of that crap is like making another Scary Movie. You’re mocking something that’s already delving into self-parody.). By all means, throw out Evangelion jokes. You have my blessing to do another complete Eva rip-off. And be sure to throw in more Metal Gear references as well. We need more people hiding in boxes and less people looking like a Vocaloid. These are shameless rifts that I approve of wholeheartedly.

You’re also a funny series, Baka. Like, when you do stuff I actually laugh. Seeing Hideyoshi have his own changing room and bathroom is funny. It’s funny to laugh at gender confusion and the way a cute guy confounds dudes that otherwise would never think of themselves as gay. That’s comedy gold. Way better than not laughing at Stewie acting gay and Brian saying “Stewie, you’re gay.” Way funnier than that crap.

After writing this, I lost track of whether I was being sarcastic, mock-sarcastic, our downright serious. LANDON HURTS himself in the CONFUSION!


I love you, Cobra. Not in the way Akihisa loves Hideyoshi, but in the way Simon loves Kamina.

Only you would be crazy enough and manly enough to start an episode with a race that consists of people free-falling from orbit while assembling a landspeeder as fast as they can so they can jump in it and pilot it to the finish line before crashing and becoming dead. You rock like that Cobra.

And only you could make shooting a hot chick in the head with an overpowered power-gamer-wet-dream-inducing-laser-gun a romantic act. It may not have brought me to tears the way Leon blowing himself up to save Mathilda did in The Professional, but your awesomeness is on the tier right below that. May you shoot more hot chicks in the head because of love.


God damn, Hanamaru, why does out relationship have to be like this? Do you really enjoy the whole S&M thing? Do you take pleasure out of seeing me excited one moment and screaming in pain the next?

I’ll admit, episode eight was pretty decent. You finally allowed the yakuza dude to come back into the series. You were kinda stupid in making his daughter yet another “rival” for Tsuchi’s affections, but you played it off with a good deal of class. And that whole bit with the fishmonger girl was pretty cute.

But why in the hell did you waste a perfectly good opportunity with this week’s ending? You had a girl that was the daughter of a yakuza boss running around doing stuff in the ending and you didn’t bust out with some sort of enka song or some shit like that. WHY? You had an awesome jazz theme last week, and you rocked with the Space Hanamaru ending back in episode two, so you have the smarts to come up with a cool idea like that. So why did you waste this opportunity on crappy pop that sounds like every other damn crappy pop song made in the history of everything?

Did you do it just to see me cry? Did you find joy in my displeasure?

Do you hate me, Hanamaru? Just tell me. I can take the truth.


Since we have absolute proof that Hanamaru is in the Ranmaverse, they totally need to find a Spring of Drowned Panda-Nek0 and dunk Hii-chan in it. That way she doesn’t have to wear the costume anymore. Just a splash of water and BAM! Pa-Pa Pa-Pa PandaNeko!


Sorry, Durarara!, but you got relegated to my now-obligatory weekly recap post. Sucks to be you this week.

Then again, you brought it on yourself. You had Celty running around in an apron trying to cook for that asshole Shinra. You had everyone else running around on some elaborate metaphorical scavenger hunt. “We’re all lost! We don’t know what we need in life! Please help us, cute foreign chick with a sketch pad draped around your neck!”

I gotta admit, I dug said foreign chick. I hope we see more of her.

But seriously, Durarara! Did you have to waste an entire episode building up to the “revelation” that Celty’s head is running around town attached to another body all Frankenstein style? Didn’t we know this already based on, you know, the opening sequence where the screen flashed on said chick after showing Celty’s name but didn’t give her a name? It’s been that obvious since that early in the series, and anyone that didn’t know it by now was probably too busy ogling Celty’s admittedly hawt latex-clad figure or daydreaming about Shizuo and Izaya getting it on like two Spartans.

No. You assumed we’re idiots and spent an entire episode building to a climax we already had weeks ago.

Don’t worry, though. You almost made up for it by showing how buddy-buddy Shizuo and Celty are when Shizuo slapped her on the back. That said a hell of a lot more than the rest of the episode.

Also, Shinra is an ass. Just want to reiterate that fact.

In non-anime news, I bought Black Adder and Fawlty Towers on DVD last week. Or the week before. Something like that. I forget. Slowly working my way through them. Got the first seasons of each down so far.

Black Adder’s as good as I remember it. I watched it on Comedy Central back in the day when they showed it, The Young Ones, and some other British comedies late at night. You know, when Comedy Central was actually cool and showed genuinely funny stuff. And it’s cool to see Rowan Atkinson actually talking, especially since I’m so used to him being Mr. Bean.

Had never seen Fawlty Towers before buying the DVD. I’m kind of ashamed of that, since so many people harp about it being one of the all-time greatest sitcoms ever. It’s kinda like being a movie fan and not seeing The Godfather or being an anime fan and not seeing Evangelion or Cowboy Bebop. Don’t have to like them, but it’s hard to claim you’re well-versed in the medium if you’ve never seen them. That’s the reputation that Fawlty Towers seems to have when it comes to sitcoms. I’m not sure it’s the “Sistine Chapel of comedy” like the blurb on the back of the box claims, but it’s pretty damn funny.

Closed the Reviewture poll. Infernal Affairs won easily, since it was the only one that got more than one vote. Look for that review later this week.

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  1. March 4, 2010 11:30 PM

    “Also, Shinra is an ass. Just want to reiterate that fact.”

    Well worth repeating. ~JJbees <- self-avowed anti-Shinra partisan

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