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Choose Your Own Reviewture

February 24, 2010

I have a tendency to buy DVDs only to completely forget about them and never watch them. Let’s try to remedy my silliness.

I’ve yanked seven box sets and movie series out of my shelves. There’s some anime and there’s some live action stuff of various origins. You, my ever-so-loyal minions and cannon fodder, will choose which of these series I’ll watch and rant about. Think of it as getting to tell God what to add when he says “I wanna add an 11th Commandment.”

Or not. Anyway, here’s some pics of the DVDs in question as presented by that sinister force of nature known as Yotsuba.

Nerima Daikon Brothers

I watched, like, two episodes when I first bought it then got distracted and didn’t get back to it. I dug the whole Blues Brothers feel it had, but for whatever reason it got lost in the shuffle. It also has Nabeshin, which is always a cool thing.


Bought this at a con. Haven’t even watched a single episode. It isn’t the only box set I’ve bought at a con and never got around to watching, but the others aren’t appearing in this particular Reviewture. They’ll get their day. The idea behind it seems neat, since there’s some Mesopotamian mythology stuff going on here (I think, at least), but that’s all I know.

Rodan + War of the Gargantuans

I saw the US dub of Rodan back when I was a little brat, and I liked it then. No idea if it’ll live up to whatever fond memories I have. I’ve never seen War or it’s predecessor, Frankenstein vs The World. I love kaiju crap, so both of these should be fun. And I’ll be watching them in Japanese. As much as the dubs can be amusing, for purposes of this review I’ll stick to the original.

Sukebandeka the Movie 1 + 2

I bought these movies solely because the idea of killer yo-yos amuses me greatly. I used the killer yo-yo chick in that mediocre Square fighting game that people liked only because it had Final Fantasy 7 characters in it, so seeing that sort of thing in a movie should be fun. Other than that all I know about the movies is something about undercover cops and gangs and shit.

Infernal Affairs 1-3

I bought these after seeing and loving The Departed. The Departed being a remake of the first Infernal Affairs movie. Again, it got lost in the shuffle. Some people say The Departed is better. Some say Infernal Affairs is better. It’ll be cool to see where I fall.


I love Takashi Miike’s stuff. I’ve yet to see something by him that I didn’t like. I watched the first episode of Psycho and liked it, but like everything else on this list, it got shelved before being finished. I’m afraid someone’ll cut my head off and stick a flower in my brain if I don’t finish it sometime.

John from Cincinnati

The lone non-anime, non-asian DVD on this poll. I’ve yet to watch any of it. I hear it’s supposed to be a little trippy at times and has an awesomely ambiguous ending. I dig that sort of stuff. Something about a Jesus/Buddha-like figure that’s a surfer. It was an HBO series, and those series rarely suck.

There we go. Seven choices. Choose Your Destiny. I’ll probably let the poll run through the end of the weekend, then I’ll try to get the review up within a week after that. If peeps like this I’ll probably do another one. I have a huge backlog of DVDs that are at least vaguely relevant to this joint.

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