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Heartcatch Pretty Cure (ep 1)

February 9, 2010

Ia Ia Pu-ri-kyu-a!

The 7th entry to the Pretty Cure franchise, I know this because the main girl, Tsubomi wore a shirt with a “7” on the back. And we all know the only reason why anybody would wear a number on their shirt in anime (unless it’s a pun on their own or the series name).

Right off the bat, Heartcatch Pretty Cure starts with a battle between a Pretty Cure and what seems to be a Dark Pretty Cure. In a nice twist, the Dark Pretty Cure isn’t simply wearing a palette swap costume of her good counterpart.

The fight ends with Pretty Cure being struck down, and MURDERED. We know she dies because not only does her emblem/crystal crack and shatter when she uses the last of it’s power to buy her animal mascots time to escape, but because she has a sad look on her face and then closes her eyes as the camera pans in and the screen goes white. Then we get a wide shot and we get to see the villainess EXPLODE Pretty Cure. And by explode, I mean fiery combustion. W00t!

I love her pathetic look as she dies.

This is the most action filled and bestest opening sequence to any PreCure series pilot I think.

Villain designs are also cool. Fresh Pretty Cure went from wacky and DBZ style designs to something more akin to what’d you see in a Fire Emblem or early Tales game. The villains here in Heartcatch are flashier than their Fresh counterparts, but not as silly as in the earlier series.

The rest of the ep was okay. It’s just a straight up introduction of the main chars, Tsubomi and Erika. Tsubomi’s the shy one, Erika’s the bullying jerkass. She’s kinda like Tomo from Azumanga, but she’s totally bullying Tsubomi. And if the screencap at the top of this review is anything to go by, Erika is also Cthulhu.

The art style is an interesting departure. I loved the art style in Fresh Pretty Cure because the characters were understated yet aesthetically pleasing. And while the changes there were fairly subtle, I was pretty sure they caused mighty rifts in the fandom to cries of RUINED FOREVER! Well, if Fresh Pretty Cure’s art gave the fandom apoplexy, Heartcatch’s Ojamajo Doremi/Fushigiboshi No Futago Hime/Princess Tutu style art is gonna give them cancer of the spleen. And I looooove that. Shadenfreude FTW!

Overall, nothing really happens in this pilot. We get some character development and a funny bit involving the first villain/general.

But in what’s a “controversial” move, the episode ends with Tsubomi transforming for the first time and literally doing a Line Of Sight Naming of herself, as she calls herself Cure Blossom. The End.

That’s right, The End. The ep ends with her transformation, there’s actually no fighting beyond the opening sequence.

The preview’s neat though, it has Erika being told she might not be the main character (at least, not the only one) and Tsubomi’s left wondering if she might not be the weakest Pretty Cure in history.

Overall, for a Saturday/Sunday morning kid’s show, it’s not bad. It’ll probably never become as awesome as Bantorra, but at least it’s not awful like 80% of the new shows out that and it probably won’t be as horrible as Kampher or Railgun.

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