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February 9, 2010

I don’t know about “reading,” since I’m not doing that exact action at this precise moment in the space-time-continuum, but I know that if I’m watching an anime that’s ultra-boring I stop watching it. That’s exactly what I did at the very moment this line of text popped up on the screen. When an anime all but tells you it’s boring, as Katanagatari did with this line, I think the optimal strategy is to stop watching it. Thanks, Katanagatari, for having the courage to acknowledge that you have a problem. Kanks.

Lots of odds and ends to toss around, but nothing substantial enough for its own post.

Alright, Vampire Bund, you’re at a crossroads here. Chibi-Tepes is holding a minister’s kid hostage to help ensure that the Japanese Parliament will pass all that Vampire Bund goodness. You need to go through with this. Either the kid’s safety ends up being the key to the minister relenting, or you need to kill the kid in a very public manner. No half-assing this. Don’t allow the dude to not relent only to have Tepes show her “kind” side and allow the kid to live. She’s already screwed over an innocent teenagers just because she stood up to her ridiculous ways at school, so having Mina play nice wouldn’t make a lick of sense. Go all the way. Kill The Kid.

Also, saw on some blog (forget which one, so if it was yours, props to you) that the intro song to Bund is a cover of an 80s pop tune. Gotta say, I prefer the original. But yeah, I knew there was something up with that song when I heard those synthesizers at the beginning of it. That’s definitely not a modern J-pop sound.

Book of Bantorra keeps getting better and better. Each story arc might sag a little in the middle, but the endings to each story are so gloriously melodramatic and tragic in all the right ways. Seeing Volken die at the hands of Hamyuts in such a pathetic, meaningless way felt good. He dies not only knowing that he’ll be branded a traitor by his fellow Librarians, but he also discovers that everything he’s known about the Library is a lie. The Church is the Library’s creation. They’re in cahoots. Volken died for a lie, and the anime makes no attempt to lighten his situation. I love it.

COBRA’s been good dumb fun up to this point. I dug how he lost his memory and wandered around playing Fight Club for two episode while Secret nearly died from being crushed by super-gravity. Then episode six came along and ramped up the awesomeness quotient. You get a snazzy little morality/whatever play going with the whole “you can only see the mountain if you have faith in it” storyline. You have, as Cobra himself calls it, an “all-star cast” of criminal badasses, each of whom seems like the sort of character that could carry their own short story in the anime series. And I dug how Cobra reacted to seeing the Catholic priest. That priest is totally some in-disguise uber-criminal who wants to off the whole group and get the gold himself. You can see it in Cobra’s reaction. This is gonna be an awesome storyline.

What the hell is Black Rock Shooter? I see all sorts of merchandise for it. I hear there’s supposed to be some anime series or OAV coming out soon. But all I can tell is that it’s about a crappy Vocaloid singer who cosplays as a cross between Wolfwood from Trigun and Cable from the Marvel Universe and she runs around singing really badly while posing like a model. That conclusion is based on seeing whatever music videos and promos are out there. Can someone enlighten me on this? Is this like those “Marissa Stole the Precious Thing” girls who are super-popular but have never actually been in anything? I dig the character design and everything, it’s visually appealing, but I don’t get it. Help?

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  1. February 10, 2010 3:40 AM

    You’ve pretty much got the description of Black Rock Shooter down to a tee, even with how horrible the original song is. Half the reason why it gained a bit of hype is not just because of Vocaloidfags but that they shipped out some serious money for the project and the animation in the trailers looked pretty darn epic. But it’s only an OVA so meh

    I’m not so sure if I’m a big fan of people dying so frequently in Bantorra. The revelation Bantorra was related to the church I had pretty much figured out for myself and the inevitable death of Volken lessened its impact. What felt like it should be a hard-hitting episode felt a bit flat

    • February 10, 2010 8:42 AM

      Although bear in mind, Volken’s death happened in the middle of the ep. It wasn’t meant to be the emotional/story crescendo of the episode. That honor went to Olivia Litlet, and I dare say, she pulled it off. Maybe I could have done without the last 20 or 30 seconds, which were pretty much the epilogue for the arc. But they didn’t really hurt it.

      As for Volken, well, it’s precisely because his death had no impact that made it so awesome. Here’s a guy who was made to seem like the main character, and in the period he went AWOL, he became an almost mythical character. Just the mere reference to him was like a geek/mark out moment. Then he comes back, runs off to advance a side character’s story, and dies in an almost inconsequential manner.

      The imagery that went through Olivia’s mind as she realized that she wasn’t fighting alone was the most telling in this respect. Volken’s death was on par with that of MEAT. He was important in Olivia’s quest, but no more so than the Meat who sacrificed themselves for her.

      Yeah Volken, you’re no better than MEAT. I love ya buddy, but suck it! You’re like Dead Meat!

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