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Don’t Believe Anything Anyone Says In Durarara!!

February 7, 2010

I’m digging how the narrators shift in Durarara!! I’m liking this because I have no idea if I should trust anything they say.

In the latest episode, Kida takes a turn at narrating the episode. He spends a lot of time talking about how he fancies himself to be a ladies man. He brags about how he fell in love with some ridiculous number of girls at the opening ceremony and all sorts of stuff like that. He really wants us to believe that he’s a playboy. The truth of the matter is that all of this is just a ruse.

Yeah, he tells us that a lot of his behavior is a put-on. He’s acting this way as some sort of front to keep people from realizing that he’d been in a major funk before Mikado arrived in town. The catch is that I think he’s falling for his own front and genuinely believes the little white lies that he’s telling.

He tells the audience that he’s in a love triangle with Mikado and Anri. He genuinely believes that he’s competing with Mikado for Anri’s affections when everything we see tells us that there’s no real love triangle to speak of. Yes, Kida is infatuated with Anri. He’s “ranked” her as one of the top girls at the school and wants to take advantage of hanging out with her to become her boyfriend. Nothing nefarious about what he’s thinking and doing, but he’s also deluding himself if he thinks she’s returning any feelings. Anri has shown no real affection for either Mikado or Kida outside of general friendliness. There’s a hint of something brewing between Mikado and Anri, but at the moment nothing’s come of this. Something probably will come of their relationship, but it’s nothing more than a glimmer of potential at the moment.

This isn’t a love triangle. A love triangle involves a situation where all three parties have some sort of mutual feelings. Either “X and Y love Z and Z loves both X and Y and can’t decide” or “X loves Y, Y loves Z, and Z loves X, and there’s nothing that can change these feelings,” that’s what makes for a love triangle. This isn’t Maison Ikkoku, where Mitaka and Godai both love Kyoko and Kyoko has genuine feelings for both guys. This is a case of one kid being infatuated and two other kids blushing at each other.

This isn’t a love triangle, Kida. You’re just a third wheel in an awkward situation.

Despite all of the proof showing that Kida’s beliefs are untrue, his narration is presented with no hint of irony. He genuinely believes he’s telling the truth. Yeah, he’s putting on an act and admits as much to the audience, but I think he’s falling for his own ruse. He’s deluded himself to the point that he believes his own act and is trying to sell the audience on his delusion. I’m calling bullshit on Kida’s narration because of this. Since he’s lying to the audience about this, can we trust anything else he tells us in his narration. I doubt he’s lying about everything. That’d be stupid. But I’m sure he’s not being completely honest with us about other things either.

Kida’s an unreliable narrator, and because of this I have to call out everyone else that’s narrated an episode up to this point. Can we really trust everything that’s been told to us so far? I don’t think we’re getting the whole truth from these characters. Shinra in particular seems to be an unstrustworthy person. I’d call him an outright asshole. He knows that Celty wants her head back, but he tries to convince her that she’s “better” without her head. He may tell the audience that he’s loved her since he first saw her as a little kid, but his actions are those of someone in a controlling relationship. He doesn’t want his “partner” to regain her head, which would lead to her regaining her purpose in life and possibly leaving him. He’d rather keep her under his foot and retain his little “relationship” with her, even if it means hurting Celty. I don’t trust his narration either.

Hell, I don’t trust anyone that narrates in Durarara!! anymore. TRUST NO ONE!

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  1. February 7, 2010 4:04 AM

    I wouldn’t trust Shinra as far as I could throw him (although if he came out as a figurene, that would be pretty far).

    I think we can trust Simon though. Nothing about him seems to be a facade. When asked how he came from the sky in episode 3, he gave a proper answer. Some people are more trustworthy than others. For example, I’m pretty certain you could trust Shizuo to speak the truth but in no way would I trust Shinra

  2. Bob (joojoobees) permalink
    February 7, 2010 10:33 PM

    I completely agree with you — and especially about Shinra.

    Regarding Simon, I wonder about his explanation. He says something weird like “he would say” he was making a delivery on the top floor of the building. He doesn’t even say that he says it, just that that is the sort of explanation he would supply.

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