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Quickie Review: Ong Bak 2

February 6, 2010

Not much to say here that wouldn’t be obnoxious fanboy blathering. This is an awesome movie.

Like I mentioned on Twitter, this is some sort of mash-up of Apocalypto and The Empire Strikes Back, except said mash-up is turned into a martial arts movie. It’s set in 1400’s, which is portrayed very similarly to the way the Mayan Kingdom was in Apocalypto. Throw in some revenging-daddy fodder and an ending similar in tone to Empire’s and you have a very cool amalgam. Lots of stuff about fathers killing fathers and getting revenge on said fathers and a good “That’s not true! That’s impossible!” moment at the end. Except, instead of crying like Luke, Tony Jaa kills “Vader.”

The most impressive bit about the movie is how Tony Jaa has widened his martial arts repertoire. He doesn’t even use that much kickboxing in the movie. He uses various styles of kung fu (including something that felt like a mix of drunken kung fu, kickboxing, and MMA submission stuff), kenjutsu, all sorts of other asian weapon styles, and even uses an elephant as a weapon prop in the final fight.

Yeah. This is good stuff. Go buy it. Or rent it. Or Netflix it. Whatever. Just make sure you’re paying money for this shit if you can do so legitly. The idiots that keep stuff like this held back for ages (this came out in 2008 in Thailand) need to realize we actually want to see this stuff. It’s kinda like how people need to buy more anime DVDs if they can, except Tony Jaa is cooler than most anime, so he deserves it more.

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