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Tepes’ Groove Hell

January 21, 2010

Every time I think about Dance in the Vampire Bund, I can’t help but think about to the dance boss battle from Brave Fencer Musashi. “Dance of Die!” indeed!

That brings me back to a time where a girl wearing cutesy animal ears was actually kinda cute and clever. Emphasis on the “kinda.”

It also makes me feel old for realizing that this game is officially just as “old-school” as NES games.

The latest episode of Vampire Bund is all about Chibi-Tepes showing off her god-moding game. She’s that guy at the Street Fighter 2 machine who kicks everyone’s ass using Guile, then suddenly loses to some Ken using scrub. He then turns right back around, puts another quarter in, and wins 20 matches in a row using E Honda. That guy was always in control, and he only allowed that Ken dork to win so he could change characters.

Mina is that dude(ette). She’s always (usually) in control and she wishes to remind everyone of that fact. If she lets you play a game of “Where’s Teen Wolf?” she’s doing it because she knows the outcome of the game. She knows Wolfie’ll get away and she knows the student council is impotent to do anything about it. She also knows that whoever she was threatening during that “board meeting” will eventually cave in to her demands. She can kick your ass at the political mind game using Ryu or Dhalsim, it’s just a matter of whatever she feels like using at the time.

So, yeah, she’s totally a Ventrue. She likes playing games with living pawns. She just sucks in a straight-up fight, exactly like a Ventrue.

Vampire Bund is turning out to be a very odd beast. It “goes there” and turns everything into a typical high school drama. “OMG Vampire at our high school! Let’s complain to the chairman!” But that mundane setting is subverted throughout the episode. Not only do we get scenes in a corporate/political boardroom intercut into this episode’s high school antics, we also have the very idea of the high school setting usurped. Mina created the school. She made it “safe for vampires” with UV-resistant glass and underground facilities. And on top of that we find out that the “bet” to see if she would leave was all for naught. Not only were the odds stacked in Mina’s favor, we see the very student who challenged her (assumingly) brutally murdered by Mina’s vampire servants for daring to question her.

It was that murder that sealed the deal for me on this episode. In these sorts of situations you’d expect the “doubter” to either come around and accept Mina or get embarrassed and made fun of for the rest of the series. Nope, she’s murdered for her insolence. That’s awesome.

Could do without the maids, though. They’re cute in the next episode bits, but they need to stay the fuck away from the episode proper. They totally clash with everything.

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