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For a Good Time, Dial Ø-Justi

January 3, 2010

A live action Tokusatsu series on an anime blog? BLASPHEMY! 2D girls are better than 3D dammit!

Question, why did I watch Faiz? Answer, because he had the least revolting character design to me.

Fresh onto the internet scene, I rediscovered the Kamen Rider franchise. But it was not the same franchise I knew as a child, it was a franchise RUINED FOREVER! Ruined by non-insectoid bipedalism. Until series such as Blade and Kabuto came out. But they also ruined the franchise forever despite being insectoid bipeds, for they were not insectoids of the grasshoppery persuasion.

At that point, I realized how silly I was to reject a franchise based on such shallow cosmetic criteria, so I decided to give one of these new series a go. I went with Faiz (555, it’s multiple fives, get it? Similarly, Ø aka Phi) because I thought the design was pretty interesting and it didn’t rape my childhood as much as the other designs did.

Fortunately, at that point in time, I tended to follow a series to the end, regardless of how good or bad it is. I say fortunate because while Faiz is now one of my favorite Toku series, it’s nonetheless, a godawfully boring show with minimalistic acting, dated CG and dullsville fighting sequences. At least to start.

But as the series progresses and more characters are introduced and you start to know their quirks and so forth, something changes, you realized something about this show… that the plot is a retardedly convoluted mess, but by god you want to know what happens next! It’s pretty much a daytime soap (opera) effect.

Stuff happens, revelations occur, but the focus is always centered on the misunderstanding between the main characters of Takumi and Kiba. A misunderstanding that pretty much stretches and breaks the willing suspension of disbelief, but by then, you’ve suspended your disbelief so much, it’s like you start to enjoy hurting your accepted perception of reality. It feels good to believe in the impossible. Your broken brain can’t tell the difference between pleasure and pain anymore.

And then poof, the show ends.

Characters you’ve come to love die, or will die, or have died. The Giant Alien Space Flea From Nowhere is still at large, and really, when you think about it, it’s pretty much “Bad End”, but we’re still presented it as if it’s a “Good End”. OMGSPOILER.

But yeah, Kamen Rider Faiz is the Stockholm & Masochist entry of the Kamen Rider franchise. I totally recommend it though. As despite a slow start, it does get better and more addictive. The acting remains minimalistic, but seldom hammy. The characters are mostly interesting and only a few are annoying. In fact, they’re probably some of the most interesting characters in Toku TV Land.

And the series is relatively dark for a Toku show. I mean, it’s Kamen Rider, so naturally, innocent people die all the time. But this one has a pretty high body count percentage. Like, I can only think of one guy who doesn’t (or hasn’t) died. Everyone else? DEAD! Or will be dead in a relatively near future.

Finally, this show loooooves its earworms. The opening is pretty distinctive and catchy to begin with, but after 52 episodes, it’s gonna burn itself into your brain, your BRAIN will be BURNT with the FIRE of earworm. And the end of episode narrator catchphrase will do the same, only with more FIRE and NAPALM.

Anywho, in part 2, if I ever get to it, I’ll be focusing on the characters of the series.

In the meanwhile, see if you can still find this show somewhere. TVNihon might have it still, I believe they redid some of the DVD releases recently. Give the show a chance if you’ve got nothing else, you might like it. It’s a pretty dry anime spell right now anyway. Brr, Chu Bra. I’d give it an extra episode trial run if they named it Chu Bra Baka, but they didn’t, so I won’t.

Open your eyes for the next Ø

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