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Steven Seagal is a Contractor

December 11, 2009

In the latest episode of Darker than Black (episode 10), we discover that Mao is Steven Seagal.

Isn’t that totally Seagal right before his movies went direct to DVD? I think so.

Not only do we discover that Mao is Steven Seagal, therefore cementing him as one of the awesomest anime characters of all time, we finally get assurance that Suou is just as pointless and meaningless as I assumed. Suou is dead. Long dead. The Suou we see now is just a “copy” made by her brother, and it’s apparently his contractor power to make these “copies.” So the series itself is telling us that Suou’s life is meaningless. She’s just some construct to be willfully used and abused by a bunch of sociopaths (Shion and Hei namely).

I love it when a series tells us that lame, annoying, pointless characters are lame, annoying, and pointless.

It isn’t an X-styled decapitated-head-cradling moment, but  it’ll do. Romance is always better with violence.

And a little sworn vengeance makes it even better.

But all of that’s not quite as cool as knowing that Steven Seagal is a squirrel in the Darker than Black continuity.

By the way, more real posts as soon as I get over this damn bug that I have.


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