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My Life with the Thriller Restaurant Kult

November 30, 2009

Something like Tales from the Crypt for the little brats out there, except it doesn’t suck like Are You Afraid of the Dark or Goosebumps.

Thriller Restaurant follows a narrative pattern. We as viewers are treated to a three-course meal of kid-sized terror. We get an “appetizer,” which is often a relatively tame story with no real consequences. The second story, the “main course,” usually ups the ante and presents a situation that might have repercussions. After that we get a “dessert,” which consists of the main characters telling ghost stories to one another. I find these short, sweet, sinister stories to be the best part of the series.

The “dessert” from the second episode is called “Become a Founder.” The girl on the right likes to cheat off of the notes taken by the girl on the left. She does this by giving her sideways glances, not unlike the way a flounder has both of its eyes on the same side of its “face.” This obviously makes the cheated-upon girl pretty pissed, so she finds a way to curse the other girl. Obviously, she turns the girl into a flounder.

This being Tales from the Crypt-lite, revenge never comes without a cost. The most obvious turnabout is having the revenge-seeking girl also turn into a flounder. That’s exactly what happens, and if this were your typical kids’ horror show that would be that. We’d see the girl bemoaning her new life as a fish, and that would be her punishment. Thriller restaurant isn’t satisfied with transmutation as punishment.

The girl is rewarded for her pettiness by being gutted by her father. When she’s transformed into a flounder, she ends up on her father’s butcher block. Being a fish monger, he naturally goes about his business happily, never hearing the cries of his fish-daughter. Sure, her “friend” was also on that chopping block, so not everything was lost. But is revenge worth the price of having your innards cut out by your own father? I’m willing to bet most people who watch this show answer “no” to that question.

A very nasty and very satisfying resolution if you ask me.

The bits with the server, The Ghastly Garson, and the host-of-the-week are pretty great as well. The Garson, who you see in the first and last pictures of this post, is my vote for Best Character of the Year. I love his nonchalant manner. The way he all but spells out your doom in a highly polite manner is very charming.

I’d totally cross the Styx to eat at his dive.

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  1. December 2, 2009 6:47 PM

    “My Life with the Killer Restaurant Kult”–ha haaa! I get it!

    I enjoy this show, too. Even if it feels a little kiddie, the creepy wackiness makes it worth watching. I actually enjoy it more than Gegege no Kitaro. Definitely better than American kids’ horror.

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