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Apparently Ralph Bakshi Moved to Japan

October 19, 2009

No, not really, but this looks like something straight out of one of his 70s productions. Either that or something you’d have seen on Liquid TV back in the 90s.

I was doing a little blog surfing and came across this post. Glad I did, since this show looks right up my alley.

Apparently it’s called Kuchu Buranko, and according to the wiki linked above it’s based on a novel series about a presumably deranged therapist and his equally deranged patients. At least that’s what I gather. Makes perfect sense to have a series about whacked-out people take the form of some whacked-out, psychedelic rotoscoping.

If this gets subbed, I’ll be all over it.

(Pre-posting Edit: A scant few hours after I wrote this article and set it to be published on Monday the fansub of the first episode was released. Look for a proper review when I get back from Vegas.)

And after I watched that clip on youtube, I followed a link to the video accompanying one of the songs from said clip. Turns out that said video is almost as surreal. Shame the video quality isn’t all that. The song’s alright, but the video is worth a look, especially for the artificial tracking shot. Yeah, it’s obviously done with cg tricks, but the same can be said about Children of Men, and the tracking shots in that were fricking amazing. So yeah, give the video a look.

My youtube adventure didn’t end there. I noticed that there was another song with the same song title in the “related videos” feed. So, out of curiosity, I clicked on it. Turns out that this is, presumably, the original version of the song used in this trippy Bakshi-esque psycho-comedy anime. So this song went from manufactured pop-dance to what I believe is an ironic cover to the theme song of an anime that looks like a bad acid trip. That’s kind of like taking that amusing cover of “Hit Me Baby One More Time” that was done by Frank Zappa’s kids and slapping it onto the latest season of Xavier: Renegade Angel.

Good stuff.


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