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Ia! Ia! Ftang Kawaii!

October 15, 2009

Yesterday, the distant stars of Lovecraftian Horror and Moe aligned, signaling one of the seals of the apocalypse. Said seal took the form of Haiyore! Nyaruko-San, an upcoming anime series in which Nyarlothotep, the great deceived of the Mythos, takes the form of a cute little girl, apparently in order to harass some luckless anime boy stereotype.

We essentially have a redux of Ah! My Goddess, except if Belldandy was The Crawling Chaos capable of turning men’s dreams into everlasting, horrifically hellish nightmares.

I for one am excited.

The premise may sound ridiculous and unnatural. But look at it like the old “peanut butter in my chocolate/chocolate in my peanut butter” ordeal. These two seemingy unrelated concepts, cute girls and outlandish horror, are perfect bedfellows. Given how many “magical girlfriends appear from the heavens to befriend a loser” anime series we’ve seen in the past however many years, it makes perfect sense to lampoon these concepts by having said god-like gal-pal be a Lovecraftian creature. That, and the knowledge that grown men actual take non-ironic pleasure in anime centering around cute girls doing cute things in a cute manner baffles most sane minds to the same extent as seeing a Great Old One’s visage. There’s also the possibility that it might be genuinly funny, so the idea can work on numerous levels. I’d say it’s brilliant, but having seen nothing of the anime of the preceeding novel series, it’s probably too early to make such a proclamation. But the idea does rock significantly.

And to boot, Nyaruko wears Cthulhu dealieboppers in her hair. That’s some mad style.


Also, is that a Byakhee the presumably main dude is riding? Maybe he’s being whisked away to Yugoth or something for a little traumatic “alone time” with Chibi-Tentacle-Thing-Form-Nyaruko that’s standing below him. Oh My.

Yeah, this is looking pretty snazzy.


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